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Thank you Nicolas for the detailed e-mail.
It was a really sad incident.

Dear Board, I also support that we should find a way to refund Nicolas and Niroshan for the amount that is not covered by insurance.


On 07/25/2017 07:38 PM, nicolas bozon wrote:

Hello all, dear Board of Directors

Many thanks for your support.

Niroshan's and my backpack were indeed stolen on last Wednesday morning,
while we were helping at the FOSS4G-Europe Welcome Desk, distributing
conference bags and tshirts to the flow of attendees checking-in.
Our bags were put in what we expected to be a 'safe' place, under a table
behind the desk, where no one was allowed but the LOC people and the ENSG
After we went to listen to the Opening Plenary and came back to the desk,
the bags had dissapear and no one from LOC, school staff or conference
attendees could see anything.

Here is additional information to also consider:

- Niroshan Bandara is a student from Sri Lanka. He is studying master
degree at Osaka City University and is also presently the recipient of one
Google Summer of Code grant through OSGeo.
  In his bag there was his Apple Mac Book Pro given by his University
(which he's been using for both Master and GSoC work) but also his wallet
containing 500 euros he changed from japanese Yen before coming to the
conference in Paris.

- I was part of the FOSS4G-E 2017 LOC and it was one of my duty to help at
the registration desk. I was lucky enough to get help from Niroshan, who
kindly propose to help me with this. In my bag there was my personal Apple
Mac Book Pro and a few personal belongings without any 'commercial' value.

After this happened, we've got quiet an hard time discussing with the ENSG
security staff, checking the video surveillance recordings made available
from the campus security service, visiting the local police twice in order
to make a complaint about what happened, calling insurances etc..

About insurrance, here are the facts that i have for now:

- Niroshan's insurance did not guarantee any refund when we called them
together on last thursday. They should refund part of it, but we still have
no clue about how much and when. Niroshan must follow up with them, so his
university get refunded for the computer. Nevertheless, I am rather
confident that his university will provide him with a new computer, the
real matter being according to what delay.
The main problem is about his current work for GSoc IMO. He lost an
important part of it and cannot work on it right now without any computer.
This was discussed with his mentors and Madi, and i hope they can find
solutions together on how to finish GSOc at best given these conditions.

- My insurance said they will refund 80% of the computer price under
two/three weeks, as soom as they will receive my apple invoice and a copy
of the complaint reported to the police.
I bought this computer 17 months ago for 2200 euros at Apple. I thus hope
to get a 1700 or so euros refund soon, ... and i'm learning how to live
without a computer until then :)

Suchith, i want to thank you very much for your kind offer, about using
your Keynote Speaker's compensation as partial refund for us.
Given that Niroshan lost even more than i did, that he is still student and
gets fewer income than i do, i would suggest that your 500 euros should go
to Niroshan only.
This is not a OSGeo board topic though, but rather an arrangement to be
done with the Paris LOC, which i think will of course accept to transfer
your money to Niroshan's account.
I will follow up on this with LOC and Niroshan, thanks again.

That said, It would be of course greatly appreciated if the OSGeo Board is
willing to help refund what won't be by insurances. In my case, I am
planning to use the 1700 euros that will be send by the insurance, but i am
also expecting to spend 500 euros more in order to buy the exact same
Board, please let us know what can be done and what information we need to
provide in case you can help us.

This bad story appart, FOSS4G-Europe 2017 was a splendid FOSS4G event,
which allowed awesome interactions and provided many insights on the state
of OSGeo projects and community.
I want to thank Gérald, Inez, Didier, Luciana, Nicolas and others  who
helped organize and worked really hard on everything logistics before and
during the event.

Thank you again OSGeo community for such a great event.

And sorry for such a long email

Best regards,


2017-07-25 9:54 GMT+02:00 Massimiliano Cannata <
massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch<mailto:massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch>>:

Dear all,
I agree to support Nicolas and Niroshan for the lost,
just ask them if they get something from insurance and let's try to fill
the rest...


2017-07-25 5:14 GMT+02:00 Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com><mailto:jody.garnett at gmail.com>:

We do have a travel grant program just starting out - with the conference
committee. If the board would like to help out here we of course can - it
would be more straight forward to help out explicitly than adjusting a
mechanism intended for other use.

Before we act perhaps we could ask if either of these incidents is
covered by insurance.
On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 5:36 AM Suchith Anand <
Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk<mailto:Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk>> wrote:

I was sad to hear this also.

I want to thank the  Organizing Committee for inviting me as keynote for
FOSS4G Europe 2017  and I have emailed Gerald Fenoy before the event that I
will politely not accept the travel/accommodation grant of 500 € that was
kindly provided for me and requested that LOC to kindly provide that amount
for any deserving students for their travel for FOSS4G Europe 2017 or use
that for any student scholarship etc. If the LOC has not yet given student
scholarships etc, may I request they give this amount to the two colleagues
who have faced this unforeseen hardship.

Many kind people in the OSGeo community have helped me along the way ,
so this my small part that I can also give back. Thanks.

Best wishes,


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Subject: [Board] Stolen computer

Dear Board,

during FOSS4G Europe two computer were stolen, I think that it may be
really beautiful action if board decide to refund (at least a part of
the cost) them (if they needs/require).


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Dear all,

This is my weekly report.

What you have done?

This week  I attended to foss4g Europe. During the conference i could
meet my mentors and discuss about outcomes of the project and
improvement which need to be done further.
I would like to add more detailed information in my next report.

Next week

During the conference I lost my computer. So some part of my work are
lost. Still I have some part in my other computer and with that I will
try to recover my work and start the work where I stoped

Are you blocking on anything?
Lost my computer and need to redo some of my work.

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