Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Aug 1 12:41:56 PDT 2018

Hi Peter,

Thanks for bringing this to the Board's attention.

As you submitted this request 4 minutes before the Board meeting was 
started, we were unfortunately not able to digest it in time for proper 
discussion.  I hope we can discuss here all together, and bring it to a 
vote soon.

Thank you for representing OSGeo within the Enabling FAIR Data project. 
I agree, that since we have a strong MoU with the AGU that this 
agreement does make sense to support (if I remember our AGU mou draft, 
both parties already signed in support of FAIR principles).


On 2018-08-01 11:56 AM, "Peter Löwe" wrote:
> Dear Board,
> I would like to ask the Board to sign the online commitment statement provided by the Enabling FAIR Data project on behalf of the OSGeo Foundation.
> Background:
> The Enabling FAIR project is funded by the Arnold Foundation (just a bit smaller than the Gates Foundation) and managed by AGU, the American Geophysical Union (OSGeo has a MOU with AGU).
> The project goal is to create an initial critical mass of researchers, research institutes and organisations, publishers, data repositories und funding agencies to establish the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) as best practices in the (Geo-)Sciences.
> Since last year I have been representing the OSGeo position within the project.
> The full text (& online signing opportunity) of the commitment statement is available here: http://www.copdess.org/enabling-fair-data-project/commitment-to-enabling-fair-data-in-the-earth-space-and-environmental-sciences/
> The core statement is:
> --snip--
> we commit to these goals:
> Ensuring that Earth, space, and environmental science research outputs, including data, software, and samples or standard information about them, are open, FAIR, and curated in trusted domain repositories whenever possible and that other links and information related to scholarly publications follow leading practices for transparency and information.
> This means that:
> Publication of scholarly articles in the Earth, space, and environmental science community is conditional upon the concurrent availability of the data underpinning the research finding, with only a few, standard, widely adopted exceptions, such as around privacy for human subjects or to protect heritage field samples.
> These data should, to the greatest extent possible, be shared, open, and stored in community-approved FAIR-aligned repositories. Leading repositories provide additional quality checks around domain data and data services and facilitate discovery and reuse of data and other research outputs.
> --snap--
> To my understanding, the goals of the project and OSGeo are highly compatible and OSGeo is already well on track to establish a open source infrastructure for FAIR. Because of this I would like to encourage the Board to sign the commitment statement on behalf of OSGeo (otherwise I can gladly handle this, if necessary).
> Overview over all signatories so far: http://www.copdess.org/enabling-fair-data-project/commitment-to-enabling-fair-data-in-the-earth-space-and-environmental-sciences/signatories/
> The commitment statement can be signed both by organisations and individuals. I would like encourage everybody to sign the statement personally.
> best,
> peter

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