[Board] Improve Community Behaviour

Shane Curcuru shane at punderthings.com
Tue Aug 7 12:44:58 PDT 2018

A couple of brief suggestions from a bystander (apologies in advance if
this is improper as an outsider).

- The critical part to a code of conduct is how specifically you solicit
reports and show that you're dealing with them.  Ensuring that people
wishing to make reports feel comfortable about the process, and can be
secure their issues will be treated completely confidentially if they
request so.

Thus, thinking through who the specific individuals are who will get the
incoming CoC issues is important, so that you have a consistent and
timely response.

- Personally, I would *not* include statements about the local event
funding issues (or whatever those are: I'm not involved in active OSGeo
work) in your announcement email.  I would guess your focus *with this
announcement* is on having people be more polite and focused on actual
issues on the list, rather than dealing with any reporting/finance issues.

Keeping the message simple is important to ensure that any questions
that do come up in replies are just about appropriate conduct.  Keeping
the conversation on this thread (in the announcement) and from the
individuals serving as CoC contact points focused on just the CoC will
help get the message across.

Does that make sense?

One minor comment: it seems that you've copied the text for the OSGeo
CoC from other sources.  It would be polite to reference the source you
copied from at the end of the CoC.  Separately, showing where you copied
parts from is a good indicator to community participants that you're
serious about the CoC, since you are re-using widely used terms from
other communities.

The ASF does this in our CoC:


Hope that helps!

- Shane Curcuru
  Punderthings LLC
  Also volunteers as Director and community member at the ASF

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