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Peter, thank you for this idea, which is amazing. We will discuss about how (DOI stakeholders or not) and you will help help us in better understanding pros and cons) but no doubt that this is relevant.

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Hello Board,

I would like to bring an idea to the attention of the Board which was recently discussed in the GRASS GIS user list : How to deal with physical artifacts, which are significant to the OSGeo projects ?

For example, GRASS GIS, being the oldest currently active OSGeo project, has several physical objects, many of them predating the WWW-era, which are of significance to the projects heritage ("memorabilia", e.g. manuals signed by developers (or William Shatner), computer tapes with ancient versions of GRASS which were considered lost, t-shirts from the late 1980s, etc.)

I assume many other OSGeo projects also have an increasing of similar physical memorabilia, which deserve to be preserved, accessed and referenced.

Since OSGeo-related physical artifacts are spread out all over the globe, the pragmatic apporach is to have a _virtual_ exhibition on the OSGeo web presence, providing information about the artifacts and their significance, but also their geo-location and who's the current caretaker/custodian.

We can create such a virtual exhibition and enable stae-of-the-art scientific citation and reference to these artifacts/memorabilia by persistent digital object identifiers (DOI) if we blend the OSGeo wiki with existing long term archives/data repositories like Zenodo (a permanent scientific infrastructure provided by the European Union), or alternatively (IMHO preferable), OSGeo embracing DOI, becoming a DOI-stakeholder, as a best practice for reliable citation  of physical artifacts, data and software. While this might sound a bit unusual, OSGeo is already actively benefiting from the DOI approach since the majority of OSGeo-related conference video recordings are currently being long-time-preserved in the video repository of TIB Hannover (German National Library for Science and Technology), which is based on the DOI.


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