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I hope you are well. I work on the engagement team at Radiant.Earth, and would like to explore potential collaboration opportunities with Open Source Geo. Radiant.Earth<https://www.radiant.earth> is a non-profit organization focused on aggregating and harnessing the power of open earth observation imagery for the global development community. I regret we cannot attend the FOSS4G conference this week, though we are eager to hear about it and hope to attend in the future. I believe our organizations share core values in working to advance change. Please feel free to explore our blog<https://medium.com/radiant-earth-insights> if you would like to read more about our work.

Is someone from your team available to discuss this more over the phone? If so, please let me know what your upcoming schedule is like.

Thank you,

Anna Mae

Anna Mae Green
Community Engagement Associate
p: (202) 847-4747
m: (908) 278-0519
w: www.radiant.earth<http://www.radiant.earth>

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