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Michael Smith michael.smith.erdc at gmail.com
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For me, just os x based syncing is all I need.





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These are fair questions. Do we need a gui? 


Maybe an ftp... It maybe we want something with special features like video, online editing,...

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#2110: Dropbox replacement

 Reporter:  Delawen            |       Owner:  sac@…
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Comment (by wildintellect):

 I would like to ask the board to please make a list of required features,
 so we can find the most appropriate solution. Here's some example

 Do you just need a space to hold files that people can log into, or does
 it need a web interface?
 How fine grained do the permission need to be, is it all or none?
 Does it need to have desktop client on Win, Mac, Linux?
 Does it need an automated Sync client? per folder syncing?
 Does it need to keep old versions of files? For how long? I assume this is
 mostly docs, presentations, and pdfs...
 What the expected growth rate of files (based on past usage)? How many of
 the files are really Board only as opposed to public documents (no privacy
 Do these need to be hosted on OSGeo servers? privacy, or just preference
 for solution?

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