[Board] Request - Officialze OSGeo Sri Lanka Chapter

Malika Gunawardana malikagis at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 09:26:51 PDT 2018

Dear OSGeo Board,

We are happy to inform you that the Sri Lankan OSGeo community is working
together to “officially” establishing the OSGeo Sri Lanka chapter.

Though small in numbers , the Sri Lankan open source GIS community  has
been active for years and organized the first FOSS4G Sri Lanka event in
2014 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgJbFdc38Ng&sns=em)

FOSS4G Asia 2018 would be held in Sri Lanka this year and aligning with it,
we think  this is the best time to try to formalise our community.

We had our first official meeting on 19th October 2017 and an interim
committee is appointed there. The details can be found  at

We kindly request the OSGeo Board to kindly take up the approval of OSGeo-Sri
Lanka (lk) as an official chapter representing the Sri Lankan community as
an agenda item in the next board meeting. It would be great if we receive
the approval by early August so that the appropriate announcements can be
made to spread the message during OSGeo-Asia 2018.

If there is any information required, please don’t hesitate to contact the
President of OSGeo Sri Lanka - Nimalika via nimalikaf at gmail.com or me (
malikagis at gmail.com).

Thanking you,

Malika Gunawardana

Secretary, OSGeo Sri Lanka Chapter
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