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Thu Aug 29 05:30:32 PDT 2019


I’ve just added Here as an OSGeo Diamond Sponsor. Please check things over and make sure everything is correct. And thanks for your sponsorship of OSGeo. 

Michael Smith
OSGeo Treasurer

> On Aug 29, 2019, at 3:05 PM, Fink, Oliver <oliver.fink at here.com> wrote:
> Dear Treasurer:
> We would like to take this opportunity to sponsor OSGeo, we recognize the value in supporting open source and community outreach.
> Thus far in we have sponsored FOSS4G NA (Platinum, $19.000 USD), FOSS4G-Europe Bucharest (15.000 EUR) and FOSSGIS Dresden (Gold, 2.380 EUR) .
> This brings our total up to around $35.000 USD to be recognized as a diamond sponsor (please see attached company logo).
> Regards,
> Oliver Fink
> <image001.png>
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