[Board] 2021 Charter member election report

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 10:22:41 PST 2021

Dear Board Members,

The voting period for charter members is over.

# Nominations

We had 15 nominations, all nominees created an OSGeo profile and
sent their confirmation in time.

# Voting

The elections went smoothly, only two invitations were sent to invalid
addresses, which has been fixed. The email addresses were collected
directly from osgeo.org profiles.

This year, 230 votes were casted. It was a lower number than last year
(304 in 2020, then 209 in 2019, 276 in 2018 for comparison). For
upcoming Board election I will make sure to send more reminders.

# Results

The score for each nominee is:

Nominee	Count
Enock Seth Nyamador, from Ghana	150
Maia Williams, from Australia	137
John Duncan, from Australia	125
Amin Mobasheri, from Germany	145
Peter Rushforth, from Canada	136
Fernando Mino, from Ecuador	136
Julien Cabièces, from France	127
Loïc Bartoletti, from France	137
Ashish Kumar, from India	143
Stefan F. Keller, from Switzerland	149
Linda Kladivová, from Czech Republic	145
Nick Bearman, from UK	141
Adrien André, from France	104
Nicolas Rochard, from France	119
Malika Gunawardana, from Sri Lanka	152

Results are also attached as PDF.

The CRO didn't receive any negative feedback about the nominees.

# Board approval

Soon as the board approves the nominees, the CRO will update
www.osgeo.org users, with the charter member flag. They will be added to
the members database afterwards.

Best regards,

Anne Ghisla and Jorge Gustavo Rocha
(your 2021 OSGeo Elections CROs)
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