[OSGeo-Boston] Boston OSGeo Users Group Meeting recap

Allan Doyle afdoyle at MIT.EDU
Wed Oct 17 21:01:52 EDT 2007

We had a great Boston OSGeo meeting. Here's a list of who came and  
what we talked about. Rather than summarize the discussion, which I  
would have done badly, I figure that if anyone wants to say more  
about the meeting, they can, and if anyone who wasn't there wants to  
know more, then they should ask.

Chris Schmidt - Metacarta
Lisa Sweeney - MIT GIS Lab
Ben Lewis - Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis
Josh Lieberman - Traverse
Saul Farber - MassGIS
Allan Doyle - MIT Museum
Shekhar Krishnan - MIT/CRIT
Adam Holt - Geomancers

Meeting started in earnest around 7:20, ended around 9. Next meeting  
in about a month, place TBD. We can do it at the museum again if  
there's no other function going on.

General discussion about various topics
FOSS4G2007 recap
Demo of the Cartoweb SVG apps built on the new OpenLayers SVG layer  
contributed by Camp-to-Camp
Chris Schmidt's WPServer Demo
FOSS4G2007 was a very business feeling conference - very corporate -  
the message was that businesses can use GeoFOSS
  Many people new to open source conferences
pgRouting and OpenLayers demo - pgRouting is packaged better now, not  
only available via SVN
MassGIS OSM upload
OSM editing
OSM underpinnings
AAG Boston - OSGeo Booth
  There's some interest in this, but maybe not enough for anyone to  
want to pay to attend.
OSGeo - what is it? Why was it formed.
  Make 'enterprise' users more comfortable. Provides a publicity  
mechanism that was not there before.  Provides an entry point for  
people who are new to Geo FOSS.
What's up with open geodata? (OSM, SDSC computing resources,  
Geonetwork Open Source)
Where2.0 upcoming seems to be open source focused - how about  
proposing a crowdsourced data theme?
MassGIS - setting up to let open space data be crowdsourced (in a  
somewhat controlled way) to fill in a hole in their current data  
inclusion process. Well drilling data - every well drilled, drillers  
have to provide a gps point and data about the strata encountered.  
Would likely let any group or individual provide data if they can  
establish their authority about the area.
Mumbai Freemap - demo and discussion. Led into discussion of mining  
old paper maps for data.

Chris Schmidt will send out an email with all the URLs he opened in  
his browser.

Allan Doyle
Director of Technology
MIT Museum

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