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Mon Aug 23 13:10:37 EDT 2010

On Aug 23, 2010, at 12:33 PM, ext Saul Farber wrote:

>  Nigel, Chris (et al),
> We at PeopleGIS have a decent training space in Arlington, MA (public 
> transit accessible) that could hold up to 15 people for an OpenLayers 
> training session.   We would be able to contribute a computer or two, a 
> projector, wireless (and wired) internet access and plenty of whiteboard 
> space.  However, we don't have enough spare computers to put a machine 
> in front of everyone who'd attend, so we'd have to ask folks to bring 
> along a laptop if they have one.
> If it were to be held on a weekend day, we'd prefer a Sunday, as that 
> works with our schedules a bit more.

I think that sounds like a reasonable thing to do. I'd like to get a
number of people who would be interested; I don't think that doing it
with more than 15 would work anyway, honestly, since at that point
you've gone beyond the amount of attention that one or two people can
pay to each participant/student.

I'd like to do this after FOSS4G, so sometime after Sept 12th. 

So, assuming it was a 10am-4pm OpenLayers training on a Sunday sometime after
September 12th, I'd like to get a count of people who are interested in a
potential intro to OpenLayers training in Arlington.

Do we have some kind of tool for doing things like that? I think people
have used doodle or something for meeting time picking before?

-- Chris

> --saul
> On 08/23/2010 11:40 AM, christopher.schmidt at nokia.com wrote:
>> On Aug 23, 2010, at 11:27 AM, ext Nigel Pickering wrote:
>>> Hi Folks
>>> A clarification on the course content from OpenGeo:
>>> “The two day on-site (at your facility) training would be for the schedule of your choice.   It is possible that we could get through the entire OpenLayers material in a day, but it would be cutting it close.  Tim Schaub (our OpenLayers lead) is out on vacation so I do not have his syllabus yet.”
>> Note that the beginning (OpenLayers Intro) stuff is probably based on
>>   http://workshops.opengeo.org/openlayers-intro/
>> in some way; this is the workshop that OpenLayers has been used at
>> conferences and presented by Tim/OpenGeo in the past.
>> Some of the other materials are probably available from:
>>   http://workshops.opengeo.org/
>> If people are interested, and can provide a facility, I can probably do
>> a presentation based entirely on OpenLayers that would be up to one day;
>> the OpenLayers intro content is something I've helped present in the past,
>> and in that time, it took ~3 hours.
>> (Obviously, I'm not OpenGeo, so this would have to be an 'as-is' training
>> on a weekend day or something like that, but I'm happy to put something
>> like that together if people are interested; our last meeting turned
>> half in to that either, and if I could do it with a set of computers in
>> front of people, that would probably be way better for everyone :))
>> -- Chris
>>> So if the training group wanted to focus on OpenLayers for the 2 days, or maybe even one long day, then that would be possible.  With OpenLayers being the least documented part of the OS family of products, that would be my choice.  Or alternatively, all the course material could be covered generally with more emphasis on one product, say OpenLayers.
>>> Let me know your interest.
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>>> Nigel Pickering
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>>> From: Nigel Pickering [mailto:npickering at crwa.org]
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>>> Subject: Pottential OpenGeo Training Class in Boston
>>> Hi Folks
>>> You are receiving this email because you have an interest in open source web mapping.  I am trying to get a sense of the interest for a 2-day training class from OpenGeo that would include the following:
>>> Day 1
>>> Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite
>>> Introduction to the PostGIS
>>> Introduction to the GeoServer
>>> Introduction to the OpenLayers
>>> Day 2
>>> Advanced Administration
>>> Advanced Web Cartography
>>> Advanced PostGIS
>>> Advanced GeoServer
>>> Advanced OpenLayers
>>> Developing GeoServer
>>> Developing OpenLayers
>>> The class content could also be customized to the group’s interests.  The full class description is at http://opengeo.org/products/training.
>>> The total cost for the 2-day training class in Boston is about $5,500.  If split among 10 people, that would be $550/person.  For 8 people (OpenGeo’s preference), it would be $687/person.  If there is sufficient interest, I will be looking for a venue.
>>> If you are interested and have funding, please let me know. Thanks!
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>>> --
>>> Nigel Pickering
>>> Charles River Watershed Association
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