[OSGeo-Boston] OpenLayers Intro Workshop

christopher.schmidt at nokia.com christopher.schmidt at nokia.com
Mon Aug 30 09:13:38 EDT 2010


Judging from:


There is sufficient interest to get people together for an
introductory OpenLayers workshop. If you have not yet registered
your interest there, and would like to attend, please do so in
the next couple days.

The ideal date to do it appears to be Sunday, October 17th;
unfortunately, there are slightly too many people to make it
practical for us to have everyone who expressed an interest

I'm going to explore other options for space and see if I can 
get enough people helping me out that supporting a larger crowd
makes sense; I'll update the group accordingly. I think it's most
likely that we'll need to limit the class size to 15 or so people

In order to cover costs of materials, lunch, etc. and also make
sure that people who reserve a spot are actually interested in 
coming, rather than just saying they're interested and not showing
up, I may be interested in charging a small fee. (Think on the order 
of $25.) If you would be unable to pay such a registration fee, but
would still like to attend, please contact me off-list and we can
discuss. This cost would primarily be to cover my costs in 
reproducing CDs, printouts, etc. that I expect to bring along for 

If you feel that charging such a fee is unfair, well, I'd refer you 
to the introductory email thread that spawned this and point out that
at least it's less than $600 a person ;)

Note that if you are attending the workshop, it would be ideal if 
you could bring your own computer, capable of booting from a CD. 
If this is also not a possibility for you, and you are able to attend
on the 17th, please let me know off-list.

If this is a success, I can see us doing this again in the future,
so if you are unable to attend on a given date, don't fret too much.

Thanks again,
Christopher Schmidt

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