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michael / nagle nagle at thesprouts.org
Wed Jul 13 22:53:57 EDT 2011

Hi boston osgeo!

My name's Nagle -- I help run a community science and research organization
in Somerville called sprout (http://www.thesprouts.org)

I'm writing because over the next two weeks, we're working on a contest put
on by the city of Somerville. The contest is to take data from an Android
app that logs GPS and accelereomter data, and write an algorithm which
infers correctly which acceleration spikes are potholes (as opposed to
railroad tracks and other city features.)


So far we've read through a paper put out by MIT's CSAIL on the topic (
db.csail.mit.edu/pubs/mobisys08.pdf) and gotten an overlay of GPS
coordinates onto an OpenStreetMaps layer.

I was writing to see if anyone here'd be interested in joining us in working
on the contest (or would be interested in hopping on our mailing list with
ideas -- as most of us are new to GIS.) We're meeting tomorrow at sprout at
8 pm, and probably will keep doing so periodically over the next two weeks.

If this problem interests you and you'd be keen to think about it or
participate, then please drop me a line.

See you!

michael nagle!

http://www.michaelnagle.org  / 617 575 9645 / nagle at thesprouts.org
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