[OSGeo-Conf] Final decision date

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Nov 24 16:20:15 EST 2006

Ok thanks for the feedback Thierry and Frank.  We'll aim for the end of 
December for a final announced decision.


Thierry Badard wrote:
> Frank Warmerdam a écrit :
>> Jeff McKenna wrote:
>>> The 2007 proposals are due by Dec 1st, so I think we should allow for 
>>> one week for the conference committee to come to a decision, and then 
>>> another week for board discussions.  I propose that we announce a 
>>> final decision on Monday Dec 18th.  Any objections?
>> Jeff,
>> I think that is a good objective.  I'm not sure we need a hard and fast
>> due date if we have trouble making a decision (need more info, etc).
>> Best regards,
> Jeff,
> One week since December 1st to come to a decision seems ok for me, but I 
> agree with Frank, we had better mention that results will be available 
> by the end of December rather than setting a firm deadline for the 
> announcement of the results. It is our first RFP for the conference ... 
> it is possible we  need more and/or not already requested in the RFP 
> information from proposers to come to a decision.
> Best regards,
> Th.

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