[OSGeo-Conf] Re: Email list please

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Feb 13 17:51:05 EST 2008

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Sounds like we need a foss4g2009-private list too.
> Gavin, is your private list archived?
> SAC, could you please set up the list the same as foss4gloc2008 and make 
> Tim the administrator.

>Tim Wrote:
>> Agreed.  I was mentally thinking of the Aust-NZ list as the "open"
>> foss4g-2009 list, but obviously that's a bloody silly idea.  For the bid
>> we had a separate closed list for sensitive details, and used the two
>> lists in that manner you indicated.
>> Tim


Why not continue using your existing private list?

PS. I'd prefer requests to SAC be filed as tickets rather than spread
over an extended distribution list.

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