[OSGeo-Conf] Survey re: deciding factors

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Tue Jul 8 16:24:02 EDT 2008

A while back the idea of hosting a survey came up.  With Jeff's help  
I have put a survey online with the following variable/choices.  I  
can make this available to general public feedback if the group is  
interested.  Cameron - I believe you were showing interest in having  
results from such a survey for 2009 planning.

What do you guys think?  Anything to change/add?


Please check the events below that you have attended in the past or  
plan to attend in the future.

Past Events:
  FOSS4G 2007 - Canada
  FOSSGIS 2007 - Germany
  FOSS4G 2006 - Switzerland
  FOSSGIS 2006 - Germany
  OSG 2005 - USA
  OSGIS 2004 - Canada
  FOSS/GRASS 2004 - Thailand


Future Events:
  FOSS4G 2008 - South Africa
  FOSSGIS 2008 - Germany
  FOSS4G 2009 - Australia
  FOSSGIS 2009 - Germany
  FOSS4G 2010 - Yet to be determined
  FOSSGIS 2010 - Germany

Select the items that are most critical for whether or not you will  
attend an event:

Deciding Factors: (required input)
  Availability of workshops
  Cost of event
  Cost of workshops
  Distance to event
  Hosting country/travel requirements
  Hosting location appeal
  Program quality
  Timing and schedule
  Other... (leave comment below)

Other comments:

If you selected "Other" as a Deciding Factor, provide comment here.


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