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Sorry guys, I've lost this,

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>  Lorenzo, did you see this query?
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> I am starting to work on the attendance projections for 2011. Sorry I
> haven't gotten to it sooner. I've been wrapped up in other things over the
> long weekend.
>  I'm going to start with Cameron's spreadsheet. I'm also going to start
> brainstorming on the Wiki.
>  But first, do we have preliminary registration data for Barcelona? If we
> just have raw data, I'd be happy to crunch the numbers in the spreadsheet.

to date we have 130 inscription.
as we all know, looking at the great metrics Cameron created most of the
subscription happens in the last 2 months. We are still 90 days before our

Our very early bird (Jan 15) has been good to see the first money move and
to check the registration platform. Very early deadlines help the group of
the LOC to start to be effective.

We have some very good sign from the abstract submission (more then 360) and
the sponsorships (70% of the expected budget already covered).
It is supposed to be the worst year for the crisis but lots of companies are
investing in the sponsorship and more are coming soon. It's an index of the
growing interest in FOSS4G, IMO.
There's still a lot to do. We still expect more then 1000 attendees but at
the moment we are only 130 and the volunteers :)

if you need more stats I can get the raw data of the subscribers but I
cannot see great stats for 130 pax.


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