[OSGeo-Conf] Code of Conduct at Events?

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Fri Nov 12 07:28:54 EST 2010

As a data point, I have actually been at a conference where a policy
like this was read from the podium at the start of the plenary
session. It was an NDP convention (for all you Canadians). Anyways,
hearing it from the podium made it very visible and hard to ignore. As
a man I found it a little bracing, because of the sense that there is
a collective presumption of ... something bad?  The best part was that
it was read out by a steelworker.

I'd tend to defer to our female membership on whether this is a
good/bad/indifferent idea and only go ahead of there's some solid
agreement on "good".



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