[OSGeo-Conf] Conference for Central and Eastern Europe

Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 16:55:31 EDT 2011

Hi Paolo,

thinking about that - I found that in general bad idea: why would 
Germans or Italians give up their conference, for pan-europan one? And 
if they would not, who would come where? Having 3 Foss4g 
conferences/year (+ osm, + some non-foss4g ones) is simply too much.

But having a chat with Martin Landa, and thinking about it for a while, 
I could imagine, that we would re-use the "olympic" model:

Proposal (and really, that is *just another idea*"): Having once / two 
years Foss4g-Europe, and every second year regional conferences?


On 18.9.2011 19:45, Karel Charvat wrote:
> Hi Paolo,
> The initial idea was discussed among us, Romanian and Polish participate. We also discus it with our colleagues from Latvia, not directly participating in Denver. The reason was, that usually for many people from CEE countries is difficult to travel on FOSS4G around the World. If you will look on the list, you have chance to compare numbers. There is also fact, that in our countries are not so strong communities established, so idea was to promote OS in our countries.
> In any case we don’t want to be closed for other countries and event will be in any case open. We only don’t have now any mandate to organise it or discuss about organisation in the name of all Europe.
> Karel
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>> Hi folks,
>> we are having a great time, here on Foss4g, and the atmosphere is just
>> full of ideas, flowing in the air, waiting for someone, who pick them.
>> To make it short, we started think about one of Foss4g Conference
>> Committee scopes:
>> ...
>> * possibly support other affiliated conferences
> Hi all.
> Good idea, but why not a pan-European conference?
> All the best.

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