[OSGeo-Conf] North American FOSS4G conference

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Sat Sep 24 00:15:42 EDT 2011

On 2011/09/23 1:37 PM, Karel Charvat wrote:

> I have also one recommendation, for big FOSS4G conference provide
> selection two years in advance

I raised this suggestion before, so I concur with Karel that
selection of the FOSS4G venue two years in advance is a
good idea (especially when timed far enough in advance to
facilitate attendance at the current year's FOSS4G conference
by at least one delegate from both of the following two year's
organizing committees).

Also, Karel raised the issue of 'who is able to attend which
events'. One critical aspect of that decision for many people,
be they paying their own way or relying on their employer/sponsor
paying their way, is the cost of attending the conference.
In some cases those costs matter both in terms of value (i.e.
the money) and type (i.e. registration, travel, accommodation).
Perhaps when the board is reviewing financial matters they can
consider whether some form of lottery would be worthwhile.
For example, maybe the prize is a free pass to next year's
FOSS4G conference. Or a free pass + some money/credit towards
accommodation. Maybe a sponsor could provide money towards
the prize in exchange for 'branding' of the lottery?

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