[OSGeo-Conf] Intergeo Update

Karel Charvat charvat at ccss.cz
Mon Sep 26 16:19:21 EDT 2011

I think, that the big conference could really influenced local market, but
users from rest of World will probably not travel to China. In principle
situation is usually such, that users will not go to developers. There is
fact that proprietary systems come to them and if FOSS community can rich
them it has also to go to them. Could be, that some managers will go there
to look for business, but I personally feel, that for example we are to
small to make commercial activities in China. So I see this advantage mainly
for large companies go to this market, but for most of classical FOSS
companies is difficult to rich market.
So I see such event really as chance to extend communities and learn about
new development. And in principle I think, that difference in costs to go
for me for example to some far place in Europe, to US or to China, is
necessary not to big. More expensive air tickets could be compensated
cheaper hotels or fees or etc.
But in any case it is true, that to send more people from our company to
FOSS4G is possible to send only, if it is in neighbouring countries, but I
am trying to organise that every year minimally one our developers could go.
I see profit from this for our development.
So till now I think, that it is easier to find money for developers to
travel to some far destination, then for users.

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> So my suggestion: "Global FOSS4G" is *the* developers meeting (developers
> meet developers). Local events are more user- and business-oriented
> (developers meet business, developers meet users).

Isn't this more-or-less the opposite of the motivations expressed in
the first place for trying to conceptually split the events?
(developers don't have money for big travel and fancy conference
centers; business people do)

Also, if Beijing is about community outreach to the China market, how
does that fit with the developers-meet-developers idea?


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