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Jorge Gustavo jgr at di.uminho.pt
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Hi FOSSers,

Jachym tried to define the scope of the "Global FOSS4g". I will try to 
define the scope of our local FOSS4G event (the 4th edition will take 
place next November):

1. Our FOSS4G event is really a LOCAL MEETING
	- in users' native language
	- users' oriented, mostly for newcomers, people starting using GFOSS 
	- organized by the local emerging community (to enhance community work)
	- the place where our general assembly take place, and where the local 
chapter discuss our initiatives
	- 150 € full pass (with workshops, meals, coffee breaks)
	- more basic workshops rather than advanced
	- discuss local data, legal and business related problems, such as new 
regulations for master plans, new symbology required by some agency, new 
legislation about standards in public administration, etc
	- it has always someone from OSGeo foundation, from OSGeo projects or 
from other chapters, to establish the connecting to the global OSGeo 

So, for me it makes sense to have local meetings, around each local 
chapter, more language oriented, with community building initiatives, 
etc, and discussing national/local/community issues, not relevant to the 
global FOSS4G community.

2. I think we can/should have these kind of meetings around each Local 
Chapter. If there is a Local Chapter, there are commons issues that 
people like to talk about and work together. Why do Local Chapters exist?

3. The global FOSS4G is *the* event: from gathering the tribes, to do 
business, etc. It has been shaped by the community.

4. I don't think that other events are necessary. Just the ones around 
Local Chapters, and the FOSS4G around the OSGeo Foundation.

5. So, my point is: if there is a community behind, let's make a FOSS4G 
event, either around a Local Chapter, or around the OSGeo Foundation. If 
there is no community behind, we can make a fair to get money, but it is 
something else, rather than a FOSS4G meeting.

This is just one in 957 opinions.



P.S. The Paolo's argument makes some sense, since OSGeo exists to 
promote the software. But I think FOSS4G is getting many from the 
[successful] companies around software projects, and not directly from 
the developers. We hope that the majority of developers is being payed 
by the business around the projects, and the fees are paid by the 
companies, not from the developers' pocket.

On 26-09-2011 20:55, Jachym Cepicky wrote:
> I think, most of us do have similar point of view. But what I'm missing
> here (and it was maybe not needed until now), is the clear topic (focus)
> of FOSS4G, and possible gap (niche) for local FOSS4G events.
> This year, several user communities have declared, they want to do their
> local FOSS4G-events. Beside this, there are already existing once, most
> of them with longer tradition, than the global FOSS4G (Spanish FOSS4G,
> GFOSS (it), FOSSGIS (Ger), Japan FOSS4G, ...).
>  From what I know in Europe, local meetings are really more
> business-oriented, then the global FOSS4G. This also means, that OSGeo
> is getting their budget full mainly through developers (attendees of
> global FOSS4G) - which is strange to me.
> So, if we, the FOSS4G Crowd, would make clear statements about the focus
> of each event ("Global FOSS4G *should* be more developer oriented", and
> for example "German FOSS4G is more business oriented"), it would help
> the attendees to choose the event they want to go to.
> As Volker already noticed, one would hardly come to China for FOSS4G, if
> all developers would meet somewhere in US next year. But if we all would
> know, that China is *the* developers meeting point and anything in US is
> more about "developers meets business", than the decision would not be
> so clear.
> I'm not expecting, that anybody would draw thick line between developers
> and business meetings. But clear statement about the main focus of the
> event, would help to cover the current market sources (time).
> So my suggestion: "Global FOSS4G" is *the* developers meeting
> (developers meet developers). Local events are more user- and
> business-oriented (developers meet business, developers meet users). (Of
> course, not excluding local code-sprints and other events (e.g. Bolsena
> Code Sprint).
> Jachym
> On 26.9.2011 18:03, Karel Charvat wrote:
>> I don't want to build new "mailing list". I mentioned, that I see as
>> necessary to exchange of information among both groups. I am only afraid,
>> that users (very often from public sector) will not travel around the
>> world.
>> I am happy, that FOSS4G is open for everybody, but local meeting can
>> attract
>> more users then worldwide. I think, that this year statistic show this
>> Karel
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>> +1. The energy that people see @ foss4g is from derived from that mix
>> of business folks seeing the new shiny (they don't have to understand
>> the details) and seeing geeks getting excited about it. And geeks (at
>> least me) can derive value from hearing how business people are
>> actually putting the stuff to use. I would hate to an attempt to
>> create an artificial cleavage in the community. It strikes me as
>> "let's set up another mailing list" thinking, a non-solution to a
>> non-problem.
>> P.
>> On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 8:43 AM, Karel Charvat<charvat at ccss.cz> wrote:
>>> I think, that it is important for both communities to meet each others,
>> because for users is important to know, what is new in technologies
>> and for
>> developers I think, also feedback could be useful. I agree, that is
>> good, if
>> on some meetings only developers are discussing together but I think
>> to sit
>> together on some meetings users and developers together could be
>> profit for
>> both communities.
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