[OSGeo-Conf] Q: Prague, CR, LOI

Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 03:29:43 EDT 2012

> Prague team,
> Couple questions:
> - Historically FOSS4G has drawn a majority of attendees from the
> region around the event. International attendance is always a much
> smaller minority of attendance. The FOSS4G program is in English. Do
> you anticipate any difficulties generating interest in an
> English-language-only program in the Czech Republic and surrounding
> countries?

We think, this will not be a big issue. Certainly, employees of public
administration in Czech (and some surrounding countries) in general are
usually not visiting international events due to (among others) their
language limitations. Young generation of public servants has usually no
problem  (one of our target group). On the other hand, since FOSS4G
draws it's attention of (mostly) developers and advanced users
communities, there is no problem with language. Young generation of
public servants has usually no problem  (one of our target group).

We can expect a lot of German speaking  visitors, and they usually have
no problem with English.

Last but not least - organization first year of FOSS4G-CEE nowadays has
shown, we have no problem with filling the program and workshops, even
it was announced, the conference will be in English. None of Central and
East Europe countries has English as their administration language.

> - Similarly the majority of sponsorship for the event has come from
> local government and companies. What entities and organizations in the
> CR and region do you expect will support FOSS4G financially?

Thanks to FOSS4G-CEE, we started to contact several local companies,
such as IBM-Czech, Google.cz, ESRI-Europe and others. Since we are
active at European-level, having contacts with our partners in
EU-Projects, should be possible to get sponsorship from EU-wide working
companies. Note that the term "local governments and companies" means
usually "Europe". We can only say, we will not relay on any government


P.S. Sorry for delay caused by travelling to meetings. It should be all
fine now.

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