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On 16.04.2012 20:20, Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Astute observers will note that only half of the committee [1] 
> participated in the process. I would like to respectfully invite
> those members who did not participate to tender their resignations
> so the committee can add new members who have the time to
> participate.
> Yours,
> Paul 2013 RFP Shepherd

Conference Committee,
please accept my resignation and thanks for pushing this forward.

I am not going to withdraw from the conference committee work, I am
just not going to vote. I skimmed this year's proposals and they are
all great so nothing to worry about. Thanks to all who committed to
putting all this work into the proposals.

Higher up on my agenda is the long term health of the committee - we
still do not have a chair! A big Thanks to Paul for just doing things,
else we would be exactly nowhere! Whoever is interested in chairing
the committee, please step up (Paul, please don't I need you for the
PostGIS incubation). It is up to you to just follow the current
process or start a discussion to reshape the entire committee in the
way you feel is needed.

As a s side note: I think thinning out non-voters in committees is
absolutely necessary. I am doing the same thing with the Marketing
Committee right now.


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