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David William Bitner bitner at dbspatial.com
Mon Aug 6 13:54:44 PDT 2012

> Re: "We would request that some percentage of any revenue turned over to
> OSGeo will be ear marked for future FOSS4GNA events."
> I think this is a valid request, but think that in order to avoid
> disappointment over misinterpretation later, I suggest that there should be
> a clearer statement about this request. By "certain percentage" are you
> referring to 10% or 90% or "providing financial backstop" to future events?
> Is this request extending to codesprints in NA or similar that you would
> like to see OSGeo sponsor?
> Cameron,

I intentionally left this somewhat vague as I was hoping to provoke some
discussion. I think that "providing financial backstop" always needs to
remain a case-by-case question looking at the specifics of a planned
event. As we are receiving the direct benefit of 100% of the revenue from
the DC event, we would like to pass on as much revenue as is reasonable to
help further the North American event. I would like to specifically set
aside some portion (I'll start the bidding at an arbitrary 70%) of any
revenue specifically for the next FOSS4GNA event (so given that the
international event will likely be in NA for 2014, this would mean a 2015
event). In the case a 2015 NA event does not take place I would be happy
for those funds to roll into OSGeo general funds.

I certainly appreciate your prudence and due diligence in making sure that
this is a reasonable risk given the overall OSGeo financial situation. If
there is anything that we can do as the LOC to further explain our plans to
mitigate any risk to increase your comfort level (understanding that is
only half the picture), please let me know.


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