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Seven (aka Arnulf) seven at arnulf.us
Wed Feb 8 15:58:05 EST 2012

thanks for this suggestion (although Jeff is not an employee and he is
not existing but chose to step down because he could not lead the
committee as required).

We are in need of a new conference chair and I would take this on as
interim chair - but unfortunately I am away for the next three weeks.
But the board has already taken some measures to patch the most pressing

One is the RFP for 2013 which needs to be prepared and Paul Ramsey was
gracious in taking this on.

The other is FOSS4G 2012 in Beijing where Frank Warmerdem is now liaison
officer and they already achieved some progress there in setting up the
web site we have been waiting for.

Beyond this the committee is leaderless and this in a phase where we
have three international FOSS4G coming up - not good. So if anybody
feels like it please speak up.

Jeff's experience will be highly valuable so if he is prepared it would
be good to have a short conversation here wrt what the committee
actually needs to do (this is the reference back to Dave's suggested
exit interview).


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On 2012/02/06 7:06 AM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
(on the [OSGeo-Conf] list)
> Hello everyone,
> I haven't been able to give my usual effort to this conference
> committee, since Denver. I feel it is best that I resign and let
> everyone continue their great FOSS4G work.


> And to all of the past FOSS4G event committee members, all those local
> organizers from 2003 until today, where would we be without you? - I
> thank you from my heart for working so hard and delivering a wonderful
> event, each and every year.
> I've enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Thank you.
> -jeff

Jeff - while I'm sorry to hear of your departure from the
Conference Committee and the OSGeo Board, I hope that it
proves to be a positive move for your work, and life (and the
balance between them). Good luck in your future endeavors!

Board/Conference Committee - In a non-OSGeo-related discussion
this past weekend I was reminded of the value of doing an
"exit interview" when an employee leaves, and I'd suggest that
an "exit interview" with Jeff, if he is willing, could provide
some useful information. Of course any such interview should
be done in private (conference call?).

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