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Cameron and others,


Ok, I just need to answer to some specific questions and I don't want too
much "read-between-the-lines". 


Profit/money and open source software? As far as I understood Paul Ramsey's
keynote in FOSS4G: there is no money in OSS ;-)  BTW, you can't make any
money in McDonald's here in Finland. All the positions are fulfilled by
ex-Nokia Symbian / Meego developers.






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My advice, (as a Conf committee member, and past foss4g chair) is to note in
your response that you wish to apply profit sharing locally, and how you
wish that profit sharing split. This will be assessed alongside other
proposals. A modest amount of money saved for worthy osgeo related
activities might be considered favourably.

Note: If you are looking to run foss4g for the profit, then I recommend you
look elsewhere to earn money. You will likely get a much greater return on
invested time by flipping hamburgers at McDonalds.

On 26/03/12 23:45, Pekka Sarkola wrote: 

Hi folks,


I have studied carefully FOSS4G conference RFP documentation, but I just
need some clarifications:

.         In page 6: OSGeo will take on financial responsibility. This very
good deal. However, this "bridge funding" needs some clarification. I
understand that this means that OSGeo will fund local organization committee
expenses from September 2012 until LOC will get some money from participants
/ sponsors etc. Right?

.         Will OSGeo took all revenue or could it be that some part of
"possible" revenue will stay in the country? Like to establish Local

.         Will OSGeo and LOC make legal agreement about conference? 







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