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Great start, we have to keep things warm



Dne 7.9.2012 23:53, Cameron Shorter napsal(a):
> I have written suggestions for our "Update Process" [1] and a "Template
> Section" [2], and would like to hear suggestions on whether I'm on the
> right track:
> Editing this document
> Draft, awaiting review
> This FOSS4G Cookbook aims to be concise, so that it is easy to read and
> follow. We also aim to collaboratively edit and continuously build this
> document based upon our collective experience running conferences. As
> such, we will need to continuously update and delete old text as new
> ideas come to hand.
> The process to follow in updating this wiki is:
>     Feel free to make trivial tweaks to grammar and syntax.
>     If you would like to introduce a new idea, maybe add a new section,
> or improve an old section:
>         Raise your suggestion on the OSGeo Conference email list.
>         Once a rough consensus has been reached on the list, you may
> then update the Cookbook with the collective wisdom of the list.
>         If writing a new section, consider starting the section with:
> Draft, awaiting review
>         After updating your text, notify the list again to give others
> the opportunity to review and tweak.
> Section Writing Guide
> The first sentence(s) of a section should describe the meaning of the
> heading. Eg, if this section is on "Birds of a Feather", then the first
> sentence should start with: Birds of a Feather sessions refer to
> semi-formal gatherings of like minded delegates to discuss a topic of
> interest.
> Following paragraphs provide specific details. They might hyperlink to
> more details from an external Lessons Learned type doc. It will likely
> cover some of the following topics:
>     Key success factors
>     Things that can go wrong, with optional brief examples
>     List of considerations and why choose one consideration over another
>     List of steps to follow
>     Organisations or people to contact to coordinate with
>     Links to external documents, such as a Google Docs spreadsheet
> See Also
>         Where relevant, finish with a list of links to web pages for
> further reading. E.g.
>         FOSS4G 2009 Birds of Feather Lessons Learned
> [1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_Cookbook#Section_Writing_Guide
> [2] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_Cookbook#Section_Writing_Guide

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