[OSGeo-Conf] FOSS4G Cookbook writing guide

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Mon Sep 10 15:15:32 PDT 2012

On 2012/09/10 1:34 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Jachym, Maybe you like to start putting together Cookbook headings?
> It need not be perfect on the first pass, but it will be useful to
> have a starting point which we can talk to as a group. (Feel free to
> remove the prior headings I had in place) I suspect that there would
> be other Conference Cookbooks on the web which we could make use of.
> It would be well worth doing some research to see if if is worth
> basing our cookbook on some of them.

Just a 'comment from the sidelines' - various people have mentioned
that the "Cookbook" needs to be a 'guide', and that it can't be a
'recipe' for how to run a conference, given all the variations involved.

However, the term "cookbook" does in some ways imply
"a set of recipes".

What about using the term "Body of Knowledge"?

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