[OSGeo-Conf] Minutes from today's meeting

Andrew Ross andrew.ross at eclipse.org
Thu Sep 20 14:48:34 PDT 2012

Hi Everyone,

Here are some brief minutes from today's meeting. Thank you to those 
that attended. Please feel free to adjust or add to this as needed. Thanks.


   Cameron Shorter
   Steve Swazee
   Jachym Cepicky
   Vasile Craciunescu
   Andrew Ross

The meeting was called to discuss if there's a role beyond sponsoring 
FOSS4G for LocationTech. As background, LocationTech is run by the 
Eclipse Foundation's staff. They also organize EclipseCon & EclipseCon 
Europe each year.

Andrew was asked to explain what the Foundation is & does, what 
LocationTech is, and his role. In short, it is a community of 
communities and also a trade association with well established 
governance rules for members. Andrew's job is to nurture the 
ecosystem... help projects & member to grow their communities & businesses.

Andrew briefly summarized some of the ideas being discussed with the 
FOSS4G 2013 team in Nottingham. Similar contact with the Minneapolis team.

Cameron shared he felt comfortable with the ideas that were proposed. He 
noted that in 2009, SSSI members were also offered a discount in 
exchange for helping to promote the event. Cameron added that a event 
project manager would be a valuable service.

Andrew shared that the conversations with Nottingham are on hold pending 
the outcome of this discussion. As well, he noted that the LOC felt it 
wasn't appropriate for them to set policy re: OSGeo & LocationTech 

Steve offered to provide a copy of the contract between GITA & OSGeo for 
FOSS4G 2011. The team agreed this might be a very good starting point.

Cameron explained that FOSS4G income is vital to OSGeo.

Andrew explained that there's an opportunity to partner together thus go 
beyond a service contract. It has to make sense of course... no one 
wants to force it.

The next step is to use the Denver contract as a basis for a proposal.



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