[OSGeo-Conf] [OSGeo-Discuss] 2015 North American conference

Andrew Ross andrew.ross at eclipse.org
Fri Apr 4 17:44:23 PDT 2014


Thanks so much for taking the time to consider this idea & provide your 

Yeah, I agree with you about the common interest & this was the basis of 
reaching out.

I do think developing areas at Eclipse such as the IoT working group 
focusing on sensors, actuators, and gateways share significant interest. 
The new Science working group too.

While some folks probably don't care enough to go to a conference just 
for the tools/development stuff, if it's available for them to pick what 
they like to attend for no added cost, that might  be seen as pretty handy.

And I think the inverse is important... expose mainstream IT to 
geospatial as much as possible. This is a nice way to do a bit of that.

Stating the obvious: It is a tremendous amount of work to organize a 
conference. One event saves effort and cost. More importantly, it helps 
avoid having to make tough choices between multiple events.

You made great points in your other email about moving around for 
outreach. I agree. Also, for what it's worth, a tour to a bunch of 
cities like LocationTech did last November helps reach a lot of people. 
There's another one being planned for this year and people are invited 
to get involved if they'd like.

Thanks again! I'd love to hear what others think too. I anticipate there 
will be some really important things that need to be just right for this 
to make sense so glad to talk about them.


On 04/04/14 17:31, Alex Mandel wrote:
> II agree that Foss4g and LocationTech share interest and that separately
> LocationTech and EclipseCon share interest.
> However the jump from Foss4g to EclipseCon is only a small overlap of
> the communities.
> This statement doesn't really differentiate LocationTech from Foss4g for me:
> "...however perhaps has a stronger focus on high performance
>      geoprocessing technologies and new technologies like GeoGit for
>      instance."
> Plenty of Foss4g is interested in those topics. I see nothing in
> LocationTech that isn't also part of Foss4g conceptually. Just a focus
> on the Eclipse community for implementation methods.
> Perhaps LocationTech should split itself and partake in both things
> separately. e.g. LocationTech tracks and submeetings at each conference?

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