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Forwarding for David. He mentioned he wasn't allowed to email these two 
lists. Most likely he's not subscribed.

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I echo David's appreciation for stepping up to take this on. My 
organization (Boundless) sees a lot of benefit to a co-hosted event, 
potentially raising the profile of FOSS4G significantly.

I did have a few thoughts on location. Before 2015 there will have been 
five FOSS4G Events in North America:

2007: FOSS4G Victoria
2011: FOSS4G Denver
2012: FOSS4G-NA Washington DC
2013: FOSS4G-NA Minneapolis
2014: FOSS4G Portland

Given the distribution it looks like FOSS4G is due for an east coast 
event. I know DC would work out, but we did have the first NA event 
there. I'd like to float the idea of having the event in Philadelphia. 
It has a major airport and is easily accessible by train. DC and NYC 
attendees can easily come for one or multiple days via amtrak. I don't 
think travel restrictions would be too bad for Philly either.

That said I defer to those more familiar with the city and the other 


David Dubovsky

Marketing Manager |Boundless

ddubovsky at boundlessgeo.com <mailto:ddubovsky at boundlessgeo.com>



On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 2:45 PM, Andrew Ross <andrew.ross at eclipse.org 
<mailto:andrew.ross at eclipse.org>> wrote:


    Thank you. Our team is always glad to support the ecosystem.

    Personally, I'm jazzed at the potential and looking forward to
    having a lot of fun with this.

    You're spot-on. We recognize the branding is a crucial bit of this.
    It's not simple, but I think we should be able to figure out a way
    to do it that works for everyone. For those that have ideas or want
    to participate, please speak up ASAP.



    On 07/04/14 13:50, David William Bitner wrote:
>     Andrew,
>     First of all, thank you for stepping up as willing to take on
>     FOSS4G NA 2015.
>     Having made two calls to the broader community over the last
>     several months looking for folks to express interest in hosting
>     the NA event for 2015 with no response, I am excited to see
>     someone with your experience stepping forward. Unless this thread
>     spurs on another bid, at this point, I would not envision
>     necessity for a competitive bid for this event.
>     I think that co-hosting the event with Eclipse and LocationTech
>     can both help boost the profile and the make this event
>     logistically easier. I think the most critical piece in joining
>     these events this year will be in making sure that we can keep the
>     FOSS4G and OSGeo branding prominent.
>     Keep in mind as well (anyone else here too that might want to
>     provide a competing bid!), that we have earmarked ~$20K from the
>     Minneapolis event to help bootstrap a 2015 NA FOSS4G.
>     David
>     On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 4:02 PM, Andrew Ross
>     <andrew.ross at eclipse.org <mailto:andrew.ross at eclipse.org>> wrote:
>         Hello Everyone,
>         Please excuse the cross post between OSGeo's discuss &
>         conference_dev lists as well as LocationTech's discussion
>         list. I'm hoping to enable inclusive discussion about an idea.
>         Bit of background, this coming May (19-21), LocationTech
>         Summit is co-hosted with Location Intelligence in Washington
>         D.C. <http://www.locationintelligence.net/>. Travel
>         restrictions for Federal Government employees for instance
>         meant holding this in D.C. was important in 2014.
>         We have started planning for 2015, and I wanted to reach out
>         and see if an idea might be of interest to the greater community.
>         The idea is to co-host LocationTech Summit, FOSS4G North
>         America, and EclipseCon next year in the spring.
>         For those that haven't been:
>           * EclipseCon is a great  developer conference & covers
>             topics that I feel may be a really nice complement such as
>             Science, Internet of Things, Automotive, Software
>             development best practice, and more. While there are some
>             awesome talks in the area, it's not just about the IDE. :-)
>           * FOSS4G NA is the regional sibling of FOSS4G Global, also a
>             great developer conference, and focused on geospatial
>             technologies. It is a must attend event if you're into web
>             mapping or looking for open source GIS solutions.
>           * LocationTech Summit is new (first one this May), similar
>             to FOSS4G however perhaps has a stronger focus on high
>             performance geoprocessing technologies and new
>             technologies like GeoGit for instance.
>           * My feeble attempt at contrast aside, I think these last
>             two will see a lot of the same speakers & audience.
>         A few thoughts:
>           * We believe a combined event could likely be done to
>             prioritize camaraderie which is so important for open
>             source projects & community. i.e. avoid anyone feeling
>             lost in a huge event.
>           * We feel the mutual outreach to people across communities
>             would be really useful, interesting, and spark wonderful
>             ideas we can't predict.
>           * The logistical work can be done by full time conference
>             organizers who organize EclipseCon each year. The program
>             is up to the communities to set.
>           * For those seeking suppliers, partners, & customers, this
>             should make for more opportunities.
>           * Profit sharing with significant participating groups is
>             doable. We're glad to help figure out a fair and amicable
>             solution.
>           * Ensuring each group are well served is a priority of
>             course. We think this combined event might attract people
>             who might not otherwise come to any of them. But we'll
>             have to try and see.
>         Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Is this a good idea? Interested?
>         Kind regards,
>         Andrew

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