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...forwarding to Local Chapters.

What Daniel proposes here is a kind of meta Local Chapters community,
not quite regional but also not global. My hopes are that it will
manifest as we go simply because we need it and people attach to the
idea. For a start I believe it would be helpful to continue the dialog
on this list because it is (supposed to be) the meta level meeting
place for local chaps.

There is no imminent problem and there is certainly no strategy but in
the long run we will want to have some communication *before* things
happen, especially if they affect a broader slate of the community.

If you are interested in global FOSS4G topics I suggest you
additionally subscribe to this list:
conference_dev at lists.osgeo.org

Have fun,

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Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 16:33:11 -0400
From: Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at mapgears.com>
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Hi Everyone,

FYI, at the Vienna Sprint two weeks ago, we had a similar discussion
about the (lack of) decision process for the location of FOSS4G-Europe.
The people involved in the discussion included past FOSS4G and
FOSS4G-CEE organizers, some key members of the EU community and a few
board members, and the conclusion on the question of the decision
process was that OSGeo (the international body) and its conference
committee were not the right people to make the decision on the
FOSS4G-Europe location, and it was proposed to invite all local chapters
in Europe to appoint one rep to a FOSS4G-EU conference committee that
would make the decision on the location of the event. The creation of
this FOSS4G-EU committee should be discussed on the local-chapters list
at some point.

I am reporting this here because the same could possibly apply to
FOSS4G-NA: the global OSGeo may not be the best entity to decide on the
location of FOSS4G-NA and maybe we should defer to reps of the local
chapters in the region?

Let's keep this in mind when we discuss this in the board meeting.

BTW, if there is only one candidate for FOSS4G-NA 2015 then there is no
need for a formal decision process and we should keep things simple, but
sooner or later the need will arise.


On 14-04-07 1:59 PM, Andrew Ross wrote:
> Bart,
> Sure, I can make that time and I'm glad to have a dialogue about
> it. Thanks for suggesting.
> Kind regards,
> Andrew
> On 07/04/14 13:31, Bart van den Eijnden wrote:
>> Hey Andrew,
>> we have a board meeting this Thursday so maybe we can discuss it
>> there as well given this is urgent?
>> I’ll add it to the agenda, would you be available on IRC for any 
>> questions?
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_2014-04-10
>> Best regards, Bart
>> On 07 Apr 2014, at 19:04, Andrew Ross <andrew.ross at eclipse.org 
>> <mailto:andrew.ross at eclipse.org>> wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> For those that might be interested in participating in this & 
>>> especially up front in terms of outreach & helping sort out
>>> details to tune the idea so it works well, please contact me.
>>> Thank you very much to those that have already.
>>> Some important decisions require immediate attention such as
>>> which city, what dates, and so forth.
>>> Some possible cities suggested by people, for 2015, include: 
>>> D.C., San Francisco, Boston, San Diego
>>> In terms of dates, late March or early April would be offset
>>> from the global FOSS4G & also from other very busy periods in
>>> the calendar. It lines up with EclipseCon, which co-hosting
>>> helps reduce organizing burden. For what it's worth, the
>>> overall conference would not be called EclipseCon to appeal to
>>> all constituents.
>>> Thoughts?
>>> Thanks again,
>>> Andrew
>>> On 04/04/14 17:02, Andrew Ross wrote:
>>>> Hello Everyone,
>>>> Please excuse the cross post between OSGeo's discuss & 
>>>> conference_dev lists as well as LocationTech's discussion
>>>> list. I'm hoping to enable inclusive discussion about an
>>>> idea.
>>>> Bit of background, this coming May (19-21), LocationTech
>>>> Summit is co-hosted with Location Intelligence in Washington
>>>> D.C. <http://www.locationintelligence.net/>. Travel
>>>> restrictions for Federal Government employees for instance
>>>> meant holding this in D.C. was important in 2014.
>>>> We have started planning for 2015, and I wanted to reach out
>>>> and see if an idea might be of interest to the greater
>>>> community.
>>>> The idea is to co-host LocationTech Summit, FOSS4G North
>>>> America, and EclipseCon next year in the spring.
>>>> For those that haven't been:
>>>> * EclipseCon is a great  developer conference & covers topics
>>>> that I feel may be a really nice complement such as Science,
>>>> Internet of Things, Automotive, Software development best
>>>> practice, and more. While there are some awesome talks in the
>>>> area, it's not just about the IDE. :-) * FOSS4G NA is the
>>>> regional sibling of FOSS4G Global, also a great developer
>>>> conference, and focused on geospatial technologies. It is a
>>>> must attend event if you're into web mapping or looking for 
>>>> open source GIS solutions. * LocationTech Summit is new
>>>> (first one this May), similar to FOSS4G however perhaps has a
>>>> stronger focus on high performance geoprocessing technologies
>>>> and new technologies like GeoGit for instance. * My feeble
>>>> attempt at contrast aside, I think these last two will see a
>>>> lot of the same speakers & audience.
>>>> A few thoughts:
>>>> * We believe a combined event could likely be done to
>>>> prioritize camaraderie which is so important for open source
>>>> projects & community. i.e. avoid anyone feeling lost in a
>>>> huge event. * We feel the mutual outreach to people across
>>>> communities would be really useful, interesting, and spark
>>>> wonderful ideas we can't predict. * The logistical work can
>>>> be done by full time conference organizers who organize
>>>> EclipseCon each year. The program is up to the communities to
>>>> set. * For those seeking suppliers, partners, & customers,
>>>> this should make for more opportunities. * Profit sharing
>>>> with significant participating groups is doable. We're glad
>>>> to help figure out a fair and amicable solution. * Ensuring
>>>> each group are well served is a priority of course. We think
>>>> this combined event might attract people who might not 
>>>> otherwise come to any of them. But we'll have to try and
>>>> see.
>>>> Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Is this a good idea?
>>>> Interested?
>>>> Kind regards,
>>>> Andrew
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