[OSGeo-Conf] [Board] FOSS4G Discount for Charter Members proposal

Darrell Fuhriman darrell at garnix.org
Tue Aug 26 07:59:14 PDT 2014

Amen. We burned at least two months, maybe three, working that out. 

I think it’s actually really funny that the first piece of advice given to the LOC by OSGeo is “Find a conference organizer to help you.”

If that’s the first piece of advice, then it seems pretty clear to me that OSGeo should just have a conference organizer on contract. The benefits of continuity from year to year would be enormous.


On Aug 26, 2014, at 07:54, David William Bitner <bitner at dbspatial.com> wrote:

> And none of this even discusses the hassles that a grass roots organizing group has with finding an entity to act as a fiscal agent (aka deal with the money).

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