[OSGeo-Conf] foss4g-europe web page saving [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Bruce Bannerman B.Bannerman at bom.gov.au
Sun Jul 20 15:13:03 PDT 2014


Why don't we just stay with a sub-domain, as per the other FOSS4G conferences?

I suggest that this will be much easier to manage and cost less on an ongoing basis. 

Therefore we'd have europe.foss4g.org


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as some of you might know, we just had foss4g-europe event and it was
a great success. Before moving any further, I would like you to agree
on, that the OSGeo could (should) register domain name

foss4g-europe.org (instead of current foss4g-e.org)

Also I have asked SAC, to make a copy of current content [1], but I
lost track, about how things are usually organized

Any comments/thoughts?

Thank you


[1] http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/ticket/1371
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