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> Subject: [OSGeo-Conf] question period for FOSS4G 2015 RFP - this week
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> I think we need to recognise that cost of travel will limit attendance
> from NA and Europe except for those funded by employers. This was
> always the downside of the non NA, Europe choice. Upside is hopefully
> growing the community in SE Asia
I think cost of travel is much more than just the flight: it's also
Previous conferences in Denver or also Nottingham had (recommended) hotels
right at the venue, which were quite expensive and easily topped the cost
for the flight.

Because I live in Japan attending FOSS4G conferences is usually expensive
for me ;-)
But because some currencies are strong and some are weak, travel costs for
Europeans for example to Korea might be still less a problem than travel
costs for someone from Philippines to Korea.

Jeju Island really seems to be a famous and popular holiday location. My
wife always wanted to go there for vacation.
But it may be cheap to get there from Seoul, Tokyo and some other capital
cities, but for example from Osaka there is no low cost carrier and not
that many connections. Instead, to Seoul it's really easy to travel with
several low cost airlines. It's actually cheaper than flying to Tokyo.
I would expect that what is the case for Osaka is also the case for many
other cities in Asia.

Just a few thoughts,

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