[OSGeo-Conf] Final proposal for hosting FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul, Korea

Sanghee Shin shshin at gaia3d.com
Sun May 4 13:02:40 PDT 2014

Hi Dave, 

Thank you for your asking. Here are answers to your questions. 

1. Regarding budge hotels and hostels.

- You can get these information from Seoul Metropolitan Government : http://www.visitseoul.net/en/subindex.do?_method=sleep2&m=0003001026001&p=02 and Visit Korea : http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/AC/AC_EN_4_9.jsp?out_service=&areaCode=1#selectbox 

The venue, COEX, is located at the Gangnam district and prices in Gangnam area is very high. So booking hotel outside of Gangnam district will be a good option, if budge is the big problem. Subway system in Seoul is so nice that you can easily get to COEX by metro.

We'll put budget hotel booking info to FOSS4G 2015 Seoul webpage, if we would host FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul. 

2. Regarding managing LOC. 

- As we mentioned in our final proposal, KSIS(Korea Spatial Information Society) decided to join LOC as institutional member in the middle of April. So anyway we need to re-organize the LOC to reflect this changes. We didn't have enough time to discuss this re-organization with KSIS. So, we just put the earlier version there in final proposal. We also share the same concern you pointed inside LOC. 

Our initial idea is that we need to re-organize LOC into several committee, such as program committee, marketing committee, and so on, based on real tasks. And then assign LOC members and volunteers to committee they want to work for.

Hope my answers are helpful to you. And any other your comments, ideas and opinions will really be appreciated. 


With regards, 

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2014. 5. 3., 오후 8:03, Dave Patton <dave at patton.org> 작성:

> On 2014/04/28 10:45, Sanghee Shin wrote:
>> Dear FOSS4G Selection Committee,
>> On behalf of LOC, it's my great honor and pleasure to submit this
>> final proposal for hosting FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul, Korea.
>> Please note that some major changes has been made including venue,
>> dates and co-organizer from our first LOI.
>> I attached final proposals and budget estimation here. However I'd
>> like to give you an executive summary as follows:
>> 1. Venue : Seoul COEX 2. Preferred Dates : 14th Sep to 19th Sep,
>> 2015. 3. Regular registration fee : KRW 500,000(USD 455) including
>> VAT 4. Will organize 'FOSS4G Asia Special Session' 5. Want to
>> introduce 'Half for low-income countries scheme'. For details, see
>> page 24 in the proposal. Need talks with OSGeo board.
>> We are ready to answer to your questions about our proposal. Let's
>> start the talks.
> Hello Sanghee.
> First, I am not on the committee, so my input is "unofficial".
> I scanned through the proposal, and for me it raised two questions:
> A)
> Venue and Hotels doesn't include any information about
> lower-cost accommodation options, such as 'budget hotels'
> or hostels.
> B)
> There are quite a few names listed as being on the LOC,
> with mention of adding more. Lots of people to help
> with the work of organizing and running FOSS4G is good,
> but I wonder if such a potentially large LOC could be
> a bit awkward to manage?
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