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Dear Cameron,

Most of all I really appreciate your sincere advices and comments based on
your real past experiences. I can feel your sincerity through your email.
As a chair of the LOC, I also have similar concerns and worries. Actually I
have very mixed feeling with much expectations and many worries on the
FOSS4G 2015 at the same time. Anyway I would like to share my thoughts on
your comments and advices.

1. I know one of my biggest weakenss point is that I'm always too
optimistic all the time in my life. I think your realistic or conservative
approach to the number of attendees will be very valuable compliment to the
planning of FOSS4G 2015. I feel that we need to prepare the contingency
plan based on the worst case scenario just like you mentioned including
'Half for low income prices'

Regarding 'Half for low income prices', actually I do feel that laborers in
'low-income countries' always subsidize us whenever we buy cheap T-shirts,
clothes, electroinc devices or even enjoy favourable coffee. It's just my
feeling and I don't want to start any social or political debate here.
Anyway as I mentioned in my earlier reply to Steven, I think 'Half for
low-income countries' could be just symbolic policy that could not affect
much to our budget. Daniel already shared his experiences about this policy
in SoTM 2012 in Tokyo.

However we'll look over the feasibility of this policy and potential impact
to the budget and then we'll finally make a decision whether we'll employ
this policy or not. That's why we mentioned employing this policy should be
discussed with OSGeo Board.

2.  I will not consider FOSS4G 2015 as 'Regional Conference' and will NEVER
have such a mindset in my mind. If I or you or so called OSGeo leaders
think of FOSS4G2015 as 'Regional Conference', that would be the express
ticket to the failure of FOSS4G 2015 immediately, I belive.

If I or you consider FOSS4G 2015 as regional one, our decision, behaviour
and activities will be as such and limited, fixed at the regional level.
And if you, OSGeo leaders, have a mindset that FOSS4G 2015 is a regional
conference, and then your mindset will give very negative sign and effects
to general OSGeo guys. That is human. Who will want to attend the
International FOSS4G that is treated and regarded as regional event after
paying lots of airfares and hotel expenses? They'd better attend their
continent's own regional conference. Also sponsors will be very reluctant
to support us, if they heard FOSS4G 2015 is treated as regional one by
OSGeo leaders. I always believe that our mindset eventually affect our
activities and results in the final results.

I know global FOSS4G in Asia will be the BIG challenge to OSGeo and us.
However only if we persitently stick to 'International or Global FOSS4G
2015', and then we attract more delegates all around the world. That is the
power and value of "International" FOSS4G.

3. Cameron, can I ask why you wouldn't be surprised if there can be only
around 300 attendees at FOSS4G 2015? Because I think your mentioning about
only 300 attendees suddenly creates fear and race of suggesting which
number is lowest or worst case among us. So I just wonder whether you have
mentioned that number with any ground or proof.

We experienced simliar situation in 2008 in Cape Town and in 2009 in
Sydney. However total number of attendees always were more than 400. I felt
that your mentioning about 300 attendees is now accepted as just like BEST
case in the FOSS4G 2015 conference. Look at the Paul's email now.

I definately say that we need to prepare very conservative contigency plan
for the wort case. However we don't need to focus our resources and energy
to guess which number is lowest one. Instead we need to talk about how to
increase delegates & sponsors.

4. I think we are on the verge of tipping point that we can goup to the
virtuous cycle or we can go down to the vicious cycle. To go up to the
virtuous cycle, the LOC need OSGeo's help from all around the world. I know
FOSS4G 2015 is BIG challenge. However if we work together to overcome this
challenge, we could get over all the things. So I ask your help and

Yep. It would be very diffuclt job for us to make FOSS4G 2015 successful
one. So how can we make FOSS4G attractive? Let's go back to the basic. Why
delegates want to attend FOSS4G? Maybe for learning, for business and
networking. For learing, we need globally distinguished big names
participation and those are you.

There is an old Korean saying, "Do your best and then wait for the heaven's

We, the LOC, are ready to do our best for the success of FOSS4G 2015 and
it's now your turn.

With regards,


2014-05-09 22:34 GMT+01:00 Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>:

>  Hi Sanghee,
> Thank you for your proposal, and I'm delighted to see Korea submitting a
> proposal for FOSS4G. There are a few areas that makes me feel positive
> about a response from Korea:
> 1. I have been impressed with you Sanghee personally, with regards to your
> commitment and initiative. Chairing a FOSS4G is a significant amount of
> work, and requires some hard decisions. You will need to be strong enough
> to say "NO" to a lot of people who will have valid reasons as to why they
> should have a discount or something for free.
> 2. Korea has run regional foss4g events before, and that will provide
> valuable experience and contacts.
> However, having said that, I'm concerned about assumptions of attendee
> profile, which will have an impact on the budget.
> In particular, In your organisor minds, I suggest that you should consider
> "FOSS4G Korea" to be a Regional Conference, which has the added prestige of
> holding the OSGeo board meeting, and attracts a handful of international
> attendees, rather than an International conference which attracts lots of
> local attendees.
> We learned this lesson the hard way at FOSS4G - Sydney, where we
> discovered that less than half our attendees were international. In
> particular, the majority of attendees we expected to come from Europe
> didn't turn up. Anecdotally, we heard that Europeans were saving their
> money for FOSS4G Barcelona the following year. And that was before the
> successful FOSS4G-NA and FOSS4G-Europe to compete with.
> Also, be very mindful of the lessons learned from FOSS4G Beijing [1],
> which was cancelled.
> I suggest that your conservative break even version of the budget should
> assume that you will only get a few attendees from Europe / North America -
> maybe 30 to 50.  I'd assume that 80% to 90% of attendees come from Asia,
> and as such, you should make sure that these attendees can cover the costs
> of the conference.
> I am very nervous of the "Half price for low income countries" clause, as
> I suspect that these half price tickets would constitute the majority of
> attendees. If you do indeed want to keep the price down, I suggest
> considering:
> a. Cut costs (use a cheap venue such as a University)
> b. Profile where you expect attendees to come from, and make sure the
> local Asian attendees (say 80%) will cover conference costs.
> c. Make sure any half price clauses, if included, will result in a profit
> if 80% of attendees are paying half price.
> Note also, there will be a perception from rich countries that they are
> paying to subsidize local attendees, as well as paying international air
> fairs, which will leave a bad taste, and may result in even less
> international attendance.
> I'm not sure how many people an Asian conference would attract, but I
> wouldn't be surprised if it were 300 instead of 450. I'd suggest
> considering a revised budget which considers a very conservative number of
> attendees.
> [1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2012_Lessons_Learned
> On 29/04/2014 3:45 am, Sanghee Shin wrote:
> Dear FOSS4G Selection Committee,
> On behalf of LOC, it's my great honor and pleasure to submit this final proposal for hosting FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul, Korea.
> Please note that some major changes has been made including venue, dates and co-organizer from our first LOI.
> I attached final proposals and budget estimation here. However I'd like to give you an executive summary as follows:
> 1. Venue : Seoul COEX
> 2. Preferred Dates : 14th Sep to 19th Sep, 2015.
> 3. Regular registration fee : KRW 500,000(USD 455) including VAT
> 4. Will organize 'FOSS4G Asia Special Session'
> 5. Want to introduce 'Half for low-income countries scheme'. For details, see page 24 in the proposal. Need talks with OSGeo board.
> We are ready to answer to your questions about our proposal. Let's start the talks.
> Thanks and regards,
> Sanghee
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