[OSGeo-Conf] Final proposal for hosting FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul, Korea

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Sun May 11 21:24:11 PDT 2014

On 5/12/2014 2:13 AM, Bart van den Eijnden wrote:
> I agree with Sanghee here that it’s important that the message to the
> outside world will be that this will be the international FOSS4G and
> not a regional event.

Agree to that and concur with Sanghee-san views.
Having been at the FOSS4G-Korea event in 2013, I am
sure Sanghee-san and his team will put up a great
"International" conference.



> IMHO this does not prevent us from doing a conservative budget
> approach.
> Best regards, Bart
> On 11 May 2014, at 17:37, 신상희 <shshin at gaia3d.com> wrote:
>> Dear Cameron,
>> Most of all I really appreciate your sincere advices and comments
>> based on your real past experiences. I can feel your sincerity
>> through your email. As a chair of the LOC, I also have similar
>> concerns and worries. Actually I have very mixed feeling with much
>> expectations and many worries on the FOSS4G 2015 at the same time.
>> Anyway I would like to share my thoughts on your comments and
>> advices.
>> 1. I know one of my biggest weakenss point is that I'm always too
>> optimistic all the time in my life. I think your realistic or
>> conservative approach to the number of attendees will be very
>> valuable compliment to the planning of FOSS4G 2015. I feel that we
>> need to prepare the contingency plan based on the worst case
>> scenario just like you mentioned including 'Half for low income
>> prices'
>> Regarding 'Half for low income prices', actually I do feel that
>> laborers in 'low-income countries' always subsidize us whenever we
>> buy cheap T-shirts, clothes, electroinc devices or even enjoy
>> favourable coffee. It's just my feeling and I don't want to start
>> any social or political debate here. Anyway as I mentioned in my
>> earlier reply to Steven, I think 'Half for low-income countries'
>> could be just symbolic policy that could not affect much to our
>> budget. Daniel already shared his experiences about this policy in
>> SoTM 2012 in Tokyo.
>> However we'll look over the feasibility of this policy and
>> potential impact to the budget and then we'll finally make a
>> decision whether we'll employ this policy or not. That's why we
>> mentioned employing this policy should be discussed with OSGeo
>> Board.
>> 2.  I will not consider FOSS4G 2015 as 'Regional Conference' and
>> will NEVER have such a mindset in my mind. If I or you or so called
>> OSGeo leaders think of FOSS4G2015 as 'Regional Conference', that
>> would be the express ticket to the failure of FOSS4G 2015
>> immediately, I belive.
>> If I or you consider FOSS4G 2015 as regional one, our decision,
>> behaviour and activities will be as such and limited, fixed at the
>> regional level. And if you, OSGeo leaders, have a mindset that
>> FOSS4G 2015 is a regional conference, and then your mindset will
>> give very negative sign and effects to general OSGeo guys. That is
>> human. Who will want to attend the International FOSS4G that is
>> treated and regarded as regional event after paying lots of
>> airfares and hotel expenses? They'd better attend their continent's
>> own regional conference. Also sponsors will be very reluctant to
>> support us, if they heard FOSS4G 2015 is treated as regional one by
>> OSGeo leaders. I always believe that our mindset eventually affect
>> our activities and results in the final results.
>> I know global FOSS4G in Asia will be the BIG challenge to OSGeo and
>> us. However only if we persitently stick to 'International or
>> Global FOSS4G 2015', and then we attract more delegates all around
>> the world. That is the power and value of "International" FOSS4G.
>> 3. Cameron, can I ask why you wouldn't be surprised if there can be
>> only around 300 attendees at FOSS4G 2015? Because I think your
>> mentioning about only 300 attendees suddenly creates fear and race
>> of suggesting which number is lowest or worst case among us. So I
>> just wonder whether you have mentioned that number with any ground
>> or proof.
>> We experienced simliar situation in 2008 in Cape Town and in 2009
>> in Sydney. However total number of attendees always were more than
>> 400. I felt that your mentioning about 300 attendees is now
>> accepted as just like BEST case in the FOSS4G 2015 conference. Look
>> at the Paul's email now.
>> I definately say that we need to prepare very conservative
>> contigency plan for the wort case. However we don't need to focus
>> our resources and energy to guess which number is lowest one.
>> Instead we need to talk about how to increase delegates &
>> sponsors.
>> 4. I think we are on the verge of tipping point that we can goup to
>> the virtuous cycle or we can go down to the vicious cycle. To go up
>> to the virtuous cycle, the LOC need OSGeo's help from all around
>> the world. I know FOSS4G 2015 is BIG challenge. However if we work
>> together to overcome this challenge, we could get over all the
>> things. So I ask your help and support.
>> Yep. It would be very diffuclt job for us to make FOSS4G 2015
>> successful one. So how can we make FOSS4G attractive? Let's go back
>> to the basic. Why delegates want to attend FOSS4G? Maybe for
>> learning, for business and networking. For learing, we need
>> globally distinguished big names participation and those are you.
>> There is an old Korean saying, "Do your best and then wait for the
>> heaven's order."
>> We, the LOC, are ready to do our best for the success of FOSS4G
>> 2015 and it's now your turn.
>> With regards,
>> Sanghee
>> 2014-05-09 22:34 GMT+01:00 Cameron Shorter
>> <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>: Hi Sanghee, Thank you for your
>> proposal, and I'm delighted to see Korea submitting a proposal for
>> FOSS4G. There are a few areas that makes me feel positive about a
>> response from Korea:
>> 1. I have been impressed with you Sanghee personally, with regards
>> to your commitment and initiative. Chairing a FOSS4G is a
>> significant amount of work, and requires some hard decisions. You
>> will need to be strong enough to say "NO" to a lot of people who
>> will have valid reasons as to why they should have a discount or
>> something for free.
>> 2. Korea has run regional foss4g events before, and that will
>> provide valuable experience and contacts.
>> However, having said that, I'm concerned about assumptions of
>> attendee profile, which will have an impact on the budget.
>> In particular, In your organisor minds, I suggest that you should
>> consider "FOSS4G Korea" to be a Regional Conference, which has the
>> added prestige of holding the OSGeo board meeting, and attracts a
>> handful of international attendees, rather than an International
>> conference which attracts lots of local attendees.
>> We learned this lesson the hard way at FOSS4G - Sydney, where we
>> discovered that less than half our attendees were international. In
>> particular, the majority of attendees we expected to come from
>> Europe didn't turn up. Anecdotally, we heard that Europeans were
>> saving their money for FOSS4G Barcelona the following year. And
>> that was before the successful FOSS4G-NA and FOSS4G-Europe to
>> compete with.
>> Also, be very mindful of the lessons learned from FOSS4G Beijing
>> [1], which was cancelled.
>> I suggest that your conservative break even version of the budget
>> should assume that you will only get a few attendees from Europe /
>> North America - maybe 30 to 50.  I'd assume that 80% to 90% of
>> attendees come from Asia, and as such, you should make sure that
>> these attendees can cover the costs of the conference. I am very
>> nervous of the "Half price for low income countries" clause, as I
>> suspect that these half price tickets would constitute the majority
>> of attendees. If you do indeed want to keep the price down, I
>> suggest considering: a. Cut costs (use a cheap venue such as a
>> University) b. Profile where you expect attendees to come from, and
>> make sure the local Asian attendees (say 80%) will cover conference
>> costs. c. Make sure any half price clauses, if included, will
>> result in a profit if 80% of attendees are paying half price.
>> Note also, there will be a perception from rich countries that they
>> are paying to subsidize local attendees, as well as paying
>> international air fairs, which will leave a bad taste, and may
>> result in even less international attendance.
>> I'm not sure how many people an Asian conference would attract, but
>> I wouldn't be surprised if it were 300 instead of 450. I'd suggest
>> considering a revised budget which considers a very conservative
>> number of attendees.
>> [1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2012_Lessons_Learned
>> On 29/04/2014 3:45 am, Sanghee Shin wrote:
>>> Dear FOSS4G Selection Committee,
>>> On behalf of LOC, it's my great honor and pleasure to submit this
>>> final proposal for hosting FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul, Korea.
>>> Please note that some major changes has been made including
>>> venue, dates and co-organizer from our first LOI.
>>> I attached final proposals and budget estimation here. However
>>> I'd like to give you an executive summary as follows:
>>> 1. Venue : Seoul COEX 2. Preferred Dates : 14th Sep to 19th Sep,
>>> 2015. 3. Regular registration fee : KRW 500,000(USD 455)
>>> including VAT 4. Will organize 'FOSS4G Asia Special Session' 5.
>>> Want to introduce 'Half for low-income countries scheme'. For
>>> details, see page 24 in the proposal. Need talks with OSGeo
>>> board.
>>> We are ready to answer to your questions about our proposal.
>>> Let's start the talks.
>>> Thanks and regards,
>>> Sanghee --- Shin, Sanghee Gaia3D, Inc. - Helping Earth
>>> Sustainable http://www.gaia3d.com Tel : +82-(0)2-3397-3475 Fax :
>>> +82-(0)2-3397-3478
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