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Bruce Bannerman B.Bannerman at bom.gov.au
Sat Sep 6 17:56:06 PDT 2014

Hi Andrew,

I suspect that we are talking about different aspects of this thread.

I was not aware of the request that you mention below from a Board member. I must have missed this request, which I assume was via the OSGeo-Conf list. In that case, I apologise.

I'll respond in more detail when I get a bit more time. It is Father's Day here.

There are aspects that I will send more detail on. 


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Perhaps you might like to take the opportunity to apologize?

LocationTech supported a FOSS4G bid along with others. If you feel anything about the bid was improper, speak up immediately and specific?

LocationTech was asked by an OSGeo board member if it would consider hosting FOSS4G NA 2015. It decided to and this event received OSGeo board support in addition to the wide support in the community. The team is very diverse.

This discussion is open, transparent, and a reasonable offer made in good faith. If you feel there's something improper, speak up immediately and be specific?

Otherwise apologize.



On September 5, 2014 7:30:26 PM EDT, Bruce Bannerman <B.Bannerman at bom.gov.au> wrote:

I'm concerned as to the direction that this thread is going. I've avoided comment until now.

As to FOSS4G:

I've read a number of arguments that pre-suppose that only Europe and North America can run successful FOSS4G Conferences.

- for those of us in other parts of the world who have run successful FOSS4G events, e.g. Australia and South Africa, this argument is insulting and divisive.

- I also have every reason to believe that the upcoming Korean event will also be a success, given the passion that I'm seeing from the LOC.

As to a single Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) for all FOSS4G:

- this is counter productive. From my experiences with FOSS4G-2009, we needed a local PCO who knew what buttons to push to get 'things' done quickly and efficiently, often at short notice. I can't see a foreign PCO being able to do that effectively.

- to any reputable PCO, FOSS4G is just
another conference. This is their bread and butter work. They should be able to do it effectively.

- a PCO is required as it frees up the LOC to concentrate on planning a good event. However with the number of competing local FOSS4G branded events, I can see that organising a good international event is just getting much, much harder.

As to LocationTech:

- I have not had much to do with this group before, apart from the confusion over the OGC CITE 'project'.

- the way that it is trying to bulldoze itself into taking over the successful FOSS4G conference 'brand' does not impress me.



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The problem I see with the "one PCO" idea is that the PCO's that we
enjoy working with and who can "get" us (as I also felt my 2007 PCO
did) tend to be small and scrappy, like us. So they can't necessarily
effectively globe-trot (though being ambitious they will often assert
that sure, they really could!). For FOSS4G-NA it would make a lot of
sense to just settle on a single PCO for a longer commitment.


On Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 9:28 AM, David Percy <percyd at pdx.edu> wrote:
 When we chose VTM Group as our PCO for the PDX event next week one of
 my compelling reasons for voting for them is that they do
 international conferences and their clientele is similar to OSGeo [1].


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