[OSGeo-Conf] Comments on Boston FOSS4G 2017 letter

Michael Terner mgt at appgeo.com
Fri Aug 14 09:16:19 PDT 2015

Thank you Jeff.

Really good and helpful comments. We are very excited at the prospect of
making it to the next stage and being able to spread our wings a bit beyond
2 pages.

And, we *really believe* in the Community part too. Although Boston does
not have an active OSGeo Chapter, we do have a very vibrant and active geo
community led by AvidGeo and MaptimeBOS. Our hope is that a FOSS4G event
will help further galvanize the community and lead to an OSGeo chapter.
Indeed, we have all the ingredients, but have yet to find the catalyst to
make it happen. Hopefully, FOSS4G 2017 in Boston is that catalyst.

In addition, the strength of our local community is also reflected in our
LOC. Our entire team (with one exception) is located in the Boston area and
is part of the *Boston community. *Your comments on the Location Organizer
are entirely fair, and suffice to say we've thought that through and will
have an appropriate response in our proposal (should we be fortunate enough
to be asked for one).

Again, thanks for the productive advice. We are hopeful that we'll have an
opp to more fully strut our stuff through a proposal. And we remain on
standby for public questions, starting with Steven Feldman's good one, as
the LOI process winds down.



On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 2:02 PM, Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
> wrote:

> Thank you for your Letter of Interest for Boston, Mass.  Here are
> some comments from me, to consider if you proceed to the next stage:
> - great to see you mention your OSGeo charter members and those active in
> OSGeo committees in your organizing committee, especially as FOSS4G is
> hosted by the OSGeo foundation.  It would be good to explain in the next
> stage more about the local community in Boston, and specifically Open
> Source geospatial activity in the area.  Often a strong FOSS4G bid is
> backed by an OSGeo local chapter and its community (think of the Cascadia
> chapter for FOSS4G Portland).  In short: community is huge, and this should
> be highlighted in your full proposal.
> - regarding your possible partners with a professional conference
> organizer, I notice that you are proposing PCO's that are not local to your
> area.  My experience is that the boots-on-the-ground factor is a huge help
> in organizing an event, especially months before, and this is why most (in
> fact all) past FOSS4G teams chose a local professional organizer.  I
> believe you could explain your logic in your full proposal.
> - Boston is also a former host of the OSGeo code sprint, and this could be
> highlighted as well in your full proposal
> I hope these brief comments help you with your bid.
> -jeff
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