[OSGeo-Conf] Question Period: Workshops

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Wed Feb 25 05:35:05 PST 2015

Workshops are notable for the strain they place on organizers since the number of moving parts that must be coordinated can be considerable: donated labs are cheap, but lab staff are difficult to work with unless you have a committee member who has a strong relationship w/ them; rented (self-built) labs are more flexible for setup but more expensive naturally. It only takes one technical snafu to shutdown a whole session (as I too nearly experienced in Portland). 

Bonn, you seem to have a good handle on what your workshop rooms are (at least, you have room counts and a plan for how many workshops to offer), but it’s not clear to me if we’re talking University labs or conference center rooms. If you’re filling conference center rooms with machines, are the machine rentals in budget? If you’re using labs, do you have a committee member with strong connections to the lab management?

Dublin, you seem more free-form on your workshops plan. You have lots of options but haven’t settled on any of them. Can you describe your top one or two prospects and the plusses/minusses of them?

Both, do you have a committee member already identified who will make workshops their only priority? It takes a certain monomania.



Paul Ramsey
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