[OSGeo-Conf] Question Period: Workshops & Recording

Till Adams till.adams at fossgis.de
Thu Feb 26 23:48:25 PST 2015

Dear Paul, @conference-team,

here are our thoughts to Pauls recent questions regarding the Workshops 
and Recording of content for the Bonn FOSS4G 2016 proposal:


Question to the Bonn team: "You seem to have a good handle on what your 
workshop rooms are (at least, you have room counts and a plan for how 
many workshops to offer), but it's not clear to me if we're talking
University labs or conference center rooms. If you're filling
conference center rooms with machines, are the machine rentals in
budget? If you're using labs, do you have a committee member with
strong connections to the lab management?"

Answer: In our proposal we calculated the "worst case" in sense of most 
expensive scenario, to run the workshops inside WCCB. In that case we 
already have foreseen a budget in our calculation for the machine 
rentals (see "workshop computers") in our detailed budget plan in the 
workshop section.

Question to both teams: "Do you have a committee member already 
identified who will make workshops their only priority? It takes a 
certain monomania."

Answer: With Marco Lechner we have an experienced IT-Specialist, who 
already cared for the workshops on former FOSSGIS conferences and on 
FOSSGIS we always have labs. Marco will be assisted by other guys from 
FOSSGIS e.V., who also care for the workshops on FOSSGIS conferences 
since years. So, there is a lot of experience on that issue.
On FOSSGIS conferences we normally run about 15 workshops during the event.


Question to both teams: "Would adding recording services to your bids 
impact your plans negatively? What would you balance off against the 
added expense?"

We agree with the importance of this issue, especially because we can 
reach more people than the attendees and we also have perfect archive of 
knowledge later. That's why we do the same on FOSSGIS conferences since 
a few years. From our own experience we know, that recording service 
will have no impact on our plannings. The technique is included and 
people doing the recording from FOSSGIS e.V. are available.

Also here are some links to what we've done on the last FOSSGIS:

These are direct links to our FOSSGIS planning WIKI and the talks 
recorded in the OpenStreetMap track and the links recorded in the 
FOSSGIS tracks:

We also posted all talks on our own Youtube-Channel: 

And also as Podcast-Feed:

As said, technically we have a team of people who care for this on our 
conference and they keep in readiness for FOSS4G also.

I hope that makes these issues more clear. If not, don't hesitate to ask.

So long,


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