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Hello Steven,

I've provided some direct answers to your questions below.

Apologies for my brevity below - late Saturday evening - but I wanted to be
sure to respond before closing of the question period.

Best wishes,



We have considered this and the potential impact from the European holiday
period. There were many factors in our decision to propose an August
deadline. We had to consider the availability of our proposed venue and
hotel accommodation around our proposed dates. During September 2016 there
are several very high profile international events happening in Dublin
(they have been in the planning since 2014 and earlier). Hotel
accommodation and venue availability options were greatly reduced as a
result. Our proposed date for August 17th 2016 start provides us the
maximum flexibility for CCD venue use, best value for hotels and
accommodation, and full availability of laboratories in colleges and
universities. After assessment of all of these constraints our proposed
date of August 17th 2016 start gave us our greatest value for money and
bargaining leverage with venues, hotels, accommodation etc.


Our target of €198K is very ambitious. It is based on the model of
Nottingham FOSS4G 2013. We agree that it was the incredible work carried
out by yourself Steve which was instrumental in this success. We have been
very active in the proposal stage in talking with potential sponsors (all
of which would be new sponsors to FOSS4G). We are confident based on this
preliminary work that we will attract 5 or more sponsors at our top level
of sponsorship. We shall also include a supporter-type sponsorship option
(like that introduced in FOSS4G 2016) which will allow many smaller
companies and SME to sponsor FOSS4G 2016.

The total estimated revenue from exhibition space is €40K. Exhibition space
is priced at €4,050 per space with an estimated 10 exhibitors to pay (there
will be space for more than 10 in CCD). We are confident that this number
is easily achievable through our initial contacts with potential
exhibitors. We have discussed mitigation options with our PCO. If we are
given the honor of hosting FOSS4G 2016 we shall be exploring these in much
greater detail as we begin our planning in earnest.

On Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 6:53 PM, Steven Feldman <shfeldman at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Bonn and Dublin
> *Dates*
> You have both gone for dates in mid to late August (Bonn 24th, Dublin
> 17th) - have you considered the impact on attendance from European
> delegates during our traditional summer holiday season? Is there really
> much problem with clashing with InterGeo? Might be worth polling past
> delegates. What are the implications of moving to September
> *Sponsorship*
> There is a massive difference in sponsorship expectations
> Bonn sponsorship is very cautious at €41.5k which is good at this stage,
> can you give a slightly more optimistic feel for what you think you might
> achieve in x Platinum, y Gold type format - no names although I would
> expect you to be able to confirm a 2:1 target ratio minimum (i.e. if you
> think you will have 2 Golds you need a minimum of 4 targets to approach)
> Dublin sponsorship is very ambitious at €198k particularly as you also
> intend to charge €40k for exhibition space. How have you arrived at these
> figures? Note that 2013 was an exceptionally fortunate year which may not
> be a basis to model your sponsorship in Dublin. If you only achieved the
> Bonn level of sponsorship and exhibition income you would make a crashing
> loss, how can you mitigate this risk?
> ______
> Steven
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