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David William Bitner bitner at dbspatial.com
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Great! Thanks Sanghee!

Has your team considered adding a code of conduct to your website?

The past two FOSS4G global events have included CoC's on the website as
well as asking registrants to agree to the CoC by a checkbox on the
registration form.

https://2014.foss4g.org/attending/code-of-conduct/ and
https://2015.foss4g-na.org/code-conduct are some examples that have been

We have received a lot of positive response from attendees since adding
these to the conferences and have certainly seen an impact in gender
diversity since incorporating CoC's into our websites along with other
outreach and diversity initiatives. It is a very easy step towards ensuring
that everyone is assured of the expectation of a welcoming conference! I am
sure that other past conference chairs on this list can speak up to their
experiences as well.

I hope all is going well with planning for the event!



On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 10:52 AM, Sanghee Shin <endofcap at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi David,
> I’m on the list. You can talk to me directly.
> With regards,
> Sanghee
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> Sanghee Shin, Chair of FOSS4G 2015 Seoul
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> 2015. 1. 8., 오후 4:22, David William Bitner <bitner at dbspatial.com> 작성:
> Dear Conference Committee,
> It has recently been brought to my attention by a member of our community
> that she noticed the absence of a Code of Conduct for the upcoming Seoul
> FOSS4G. I took this as a huge sign that the work that has been done by LOCs
> in recent FOSS4G, regional OSGeo events, and other technology and geography
> events towards encouraging diversity and a welcoming atmosphere to all is
> indeed being noticed. I have also been excited to see based simply on the
> measure of gender diversity that the numbers of female speakers has been
> steadily moving up over the past couple years.
> I would like to encourage the Conference Committee (and I am volunteering
> to do much of the leg work) to provide guidelines for implementing a Code
> of Conduct at events for all FOSS4G/OSGeo related events and to include
> diversity initiatives as part of future calls for proposals for the
> international event.
> While I believe it is too late for the conference committee to make any
> mandates to the Seoul team, is there anyone who knows the folks on the LOC
> that would be willing to help me reach out to explain the importance of
> these initiatives?
> Thanks!
> David
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