[OSGeo-Conf] Code of Conduct

Darrell Fuhriman darrell at garnix.org
Mon Jan 19 14:22:14 PST 2015

> Many of the comments that I read as against having a CoC seem to stem from people wondering what does a CoC solve. Sadly, having a CoC does not "solve" anything. There will still be issues. A CoC simply provides one tool for us to help resolve those issues when they come up as well as providing a proactive statement that we aim to be a welcoming and diverse community to hopefully prevent some of those issues in the first place. A CoC is not the end point of diversity initiatives, but it is a very low hanging fruit to start with. Other initiatives that I know have been tried that we should continue to look at their effectiveness include author blind public program review, scholarship initiatives, proactively seeking out diversity in key notes, and many more things that we haven't tried. 


I would like to point out that creating a CoC is meaningless without a mechanism to enforce it. Part of the process should be establishing a system for tracking incidents and responses across OSGeo activities, as well as guidelines for handling issues, should they arise. It should probably happen at the board level so there is continuity.


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