[OSGeo-Conf] The Olympics of Cartography @ FOSS4G 2016

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Mon Jul 27 00:27:48 PDT 2015

Hi Suchith,

thanks for your idea! We, the LOC in Bonn are very open for such ideas. 
I will discuss how we could integrate this into foss4 2016 and come back 
to you later - after my holidays ;-).

Regards, Till

Am 2015-07-25 15:44, schrieb Suchith Anand:
> Hi Silvana, FOSS4G 2016 LOC,
> The Olympics of Cartography (details below) that was organised in
> Brazil is excellent idea and i propose that we extend this at FOSS4G
> 2016 conference globally (to involve schools worldwide).
> Any one willing to take lead on this and laise with Silvana and
> Brazil colleagues to learn and expand ideas. The competition 
> materials
> etc need to be translated to English.
> All ideas welcome.
> Suchith
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> Subject: [Ica-osgeo-labs] Direct inputs to national policy and
> Intergovernmental agreements for expanding "Geo for All"
> Colleagues,
> I have been contacted by Prof.  Silvana Comboim (Universidade Federal
> de Paraná ,Brazil)  who is also the new chair of the  ICA Commission
> on Open Source Geospatial Technologies on the arrangements for the
> next ICA Commission meeting on August 27th, 2015 (exact time, room 
> etc
> will be informed soon) during the  27th International Cartographic
> Conference (16th General Assembly ) at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The
> new Terms of Reference for the ICA Commission on Geospatial
> Technologies is also available at [1]
> Silvana has also been working on making local arrangements for the
> success of Pre-conference workshop on Spatial data infrastructures,
> standards, open source and open data for geospatial (SDI-Open 2015)
> jointly organised by the ICA Commission on Geoinformation
> Infrastructures and Standards, the Commission on Open Source
> Geospatial Technologies and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) on 
> 20
> and 21 August 2014 at Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
> (IBGE) in Rio de Janeiro http://www.labgeolivre.ufpr.br/  and the
> Conference itself http://www.icc2015.org  will be great opportunity 
> to
> strengthen the “Geo for All” initiative and to reinforce the key
> projects and research links for the future.
> Silvana has shared two key developments:
> 1 - As part of the International Map Year, they had an Olympics of
> Cartography organised in Brazil, with almost 700 secondary schools
> distributed in the whole country. Although it was not specifically
> open source, we are thinking to use this in next years to publish
> tutorials and other materials to secondary teachers, because there 
> was
> an extraordinary response. The map of participants can be accessed at
> http://www.olimpiadadecartografia.uff.br/index.php/mapa   and more
> information can be found in English at
> http://www.icc2015.org/brazilian-cartographic-olympiad.html
> 2  There is this call from British and Brazilian government to
> support researchers that are willing to make joint research with
> Brazilian institutions at
> https://www.gov.uk/government/world-location-news/confap-and-uk-academies-launch-new-call-to-support-researchers
>   We encourage those interested in UK and Brazil universities in
> Geo4All to participate in this funding bid.
> I had the opportunity of participating in the NSDI meetings in Brazil
> last year and I would like to thank the Ministry of Planning,
> Government of Brazil for organising this excellent event and also for
> their kind invitation for keynote presentation where i shared the
> developments in Open Geospatial Science and Applications and its
> importance for widening education opportunities, new jobs creation 
> and
> innovation ecosystems in Geoservices.
> I would like to share some of the things i learned from our
> colleagues in Brazil which i think is relevant to the wider community
> 1. There are fast paced developments happening in Geospatial domain
> and it is important the countries should keep updating their
> Geoinformation policies to reflect this and take advantage of the new
> opportunities. I am pleased to see countries like Brazil are well
> tuned to global developments.
> 2. It is important to have inputs from the academic community and i
> was pleased to see this bringing together of key people from
> government and academia to discuss ideas and good practices.
> 3. Education and Capacity building is key for expanding 
> opportunities.
> Having direct inputs to national policy and Intergovernmental
> agreements are good way to expand "Geo for All" . For example, we 
> have
> done this with other countries like Australia following the 3rd EU -
> Australia Research Infrastructure meetings   that i attended in
> Canberra.
> In the area of sustainable cities, we have agreement to  establish
> Open Source Geoscience Sustainable Cities  Lab at the University of
> Melbourne with linked laboratories across Australia and New Zealand,
> under the ICA-OSGeo Initiative (jointly by INSPIRE, AURIN, 
> ICA-OSGeo).
> The Joint European Commission- Australian Government Communique is at
> http://ec.europa.eu/research/infrastructures/pdf/Third%20European%20Australian%20Workshop%20on%20Research%20Infrastructure%20Communique.pdf
> I am sure Silvana will expand these ideas for the future at our next
> Commission meeting. We are looking forward to building  strong
> research and teaching collaborations  worldwide in Open Geospatial
> Science.
> Best wishes,
> Suchith
> [1]
> http://opensourcegeospatial.icaci.org/2015/05/terms-of-reference-for-the-ica-commission-on-open-source-geospatial-technologies-2015-2019/
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