[OSGeo-Conf] Call to discuss FOSS4G 2017 proposals prior to voting

Robert Cheetham cheetham at azavea.com
Mon Nov 9 05:49:26 PST 2015


I do not think Ottawa or Philadelphia have suggested any loss of OSGeo
branding for the the event and to suggest that "we are to give up branding
for our own event" is a misreading of all of the previous dialogue on this
question.  I did not attend the Seoul event this year, but from my memory
of the Nottingham event and other FOSS4G events, there has frequently been
recognition of organizations that assisted with organizing and holding the
event.  I do not think that this is anything different, out of line with
past practice, or contrary to the spirit of the effort.

>From my own perspective, the offer to guarantee the event and front the
cash was a positive attribute and intended to make our bid more
attractive.  I am happy to hear that OSGeo is on sound financial footing,
but your suggestion that financial backing for the conference is something
sinister is a rather unexpected interpretation.  As a business person, any
effort to share or reduce risk for my organization on a large endeavor
(even when my organization is healthy) would be met positively.


On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 8:01 AM, Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com>

> Hi Dave,
> I have a problem with your proposed "LT visibility items are compensation
> for putting up seed funding, and financial insurance".  So we are to give
> up branding for our own event, one that we have driven from 2006 with
> blood, sweat, and tears (a lot of each of those), so that another
> foundation can provide seed funding and financial insurance? Why do you
> feel the need to not allow the OSGeo foundation to provide the seed funding
> and insurance for our own event?
> To give a better financial picture of OSGeo, in fact the outlook for the
> foundation has been better: coming off of a successful FOSS4G-Seoul event,
> and as we approach another strong event of FOSS4G-Bonn.  I have already
> heard plans in motion from a strong group in the Asia-Pacific region for
> FOSS4G 2018.  We are running a steady balance in our financial accounts at
> a level higher than ever before in the history of the foundation: roughly
> 300k USD.
> It seems like a hard pill to be forced to swallow, losing our precious
> OSGeo branding (that we always have a difficult time enforcing even at our
> one yearly event), for something that we don't even need (external seed
> funding and financial insurance).
> -jeff
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