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Tue Sep 22 04:58:16 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Seeing that workshops are usually popular, and place is actually limited,
this seems to me an obvious candidate for getting people in early.
Something like "discounted workshops if booking before date x", or
"popular workshop y only available for early bookers"...


Barend Köbben
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On 22-09-15 13:33, "till.adams at fossgis.de" <till.adams at fossgis.de> wrote:

>Hi Steven,
>your thoughts were exact ours ;-)
>The idea with the special benefit is the one that also came to my mind.
>We'll think about that - I think we are planning lots of
>side-activities, so thism ight be a suitable way.
>Regards, Till
>Am 2015-09-22 13:10, schrieb Steven Feldman:
>> The challenge is to provide some real incentives for early
>> registration - price seems the obvious one but it creates 2 problems
>> either you discount price levels to such a low level that you might
>> lose money on early bird delegates or you artificially increase the
>> price of non early birds to create the differential and discourage
>> late bookers. Neither is ideal.
>> One lesson from both past FOSS4Gs and other events is not to extend
>> the early bird deadline, this results in a loss of confidence in any
>> limited offers and encourages the expectation that there will be
>> further extensions so there is no need to book early. If an event
>> needs to offer an incentive after the early bird has expired there
>> are
>> several other ways to offer a similar (but slightly smaller discount)
>> e.g. book for 2 or more delegates and get x% discount off second
>> delegate
>> Maybe a better option is to offer some other benefits to early birds?
>> Limited t-shirt? A free day of workshops? Privileged access to
>> something?
>>  ______
>> Steven
>>> On 22 Sep 2015, at 09:41, till.adams at fossgis.de [1] wrote:
>>> Hi Cameron, Sanghee,
>>> indeed, I also was surprised by then umber of late entries - and
>>> marked for me the lesson "don't get nervous" ...
>>> On the other side, for any LOC it is better to have as much
>>> attendees as needed to save uop the financing of the event ASAP, so
>>> I think it's worth thinking about, how to attract more people for
>>> early registering. It looks like, that price of early bird is not
>>> the mechanism that works....
>>> Any ideas on that welcome!
>>> Regards, Till
>>> Am 2015-09-21 23:16, schrieb Cameron Shorter:
>>>> Hi Sanghee, great data that you have added to the spreadsheet.
>>>> Thanks.
>>>> I've created a chart from it, and filled in missing dates so the
>>>> chart
>>>> doesn't look distorted.
>>>> Would I be right in assuming that there was no change in numbers
>>>> for the
>>>> new dates I've added?
>>>> Very interesting to see how many late entries you had sign up. Do
>>>> you
>>>> have an idea on why that is the case? (Maybe a question to answer
>>>> in
>>>> your lessons learned)
>>>> Also great to see so many people registering from Korea. This is
>>>> in line
>>>> with an international trend for FOSS4G where we find that a
>>>> significant
>>>> proportion of attendees are local or regional, and a good reason
>>>> for
>>>> continuing to move FOSS4G around the world.
>>>> On the data, there seems to be a mismatch between total Korean
>>>> attendees
>>>> and sum(Korean attendees). 253 vs 257. Have you made a typo
>>>> somewhere?
>>>> I'd also be interested to see the percentage of attendees from
>>>> Asia vs
>>>> Rest of the world, in order to answer the question: Would an Asian
>>>> country attract attendees from neighbors? If you have the data,
>>>> maybe
>>>> add another "Asia" column.
>>>> Regarding getting Lessons Learned collated, there is no timeline
>>>> for
>>>> this, and not essential to collect, but is very valuable for
>>>> future events.
>>>> Warm regards,
>>>> Cameron
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