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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 15:45:19 PDT 2016

I won't be at FOSS4G, but suggest adding another item to the agenda:

"Paid coordinator role - should one be introduced?"

An regular feature in "Lessons Learned" is volunteer burn out, and lack 
of experience carried from one FOSS4G to the next. This in part has been 
mitigated by FOSS4G global events being selected in locations where 
FOSS4G regional events have already been tested.

So question is: Should OSGeo sponsor a person or organisation to act as 
"FOSS4G supporter" who has the role of collating FOSS4G knowledge and 
sharing it from one event to the next, paid out of the profits of FOSS4G 

On 12/08/2016 7:32 AM, Steven Feldman wrote:
> Is that the view of others as well?
> If so we can try to change but there are social activities and other 
> stuff early evenings
> Steven
> On 11 Aug 2016, at 21:52, Franz-Josef Behr 
> <franz-josef.behr at hft-stuttgart.de 
> <mailto:franz-josef.behr at hft-stuttgart.de>> wrote:
>> Dear Steven,
>> even if I am not very essential regarding these topics: I'd prefer 
>> not to block the time where talks are given, i.e. to postpone the 
>> meeting in the early evening or morning.
>> Best regards - Franz-Josef
>> Am 11.08.2016 um 16:07 schrieb Steven Feldman:
>>> Hi everyone
>>> Apologies for the long period of inactivity on the conference list 
>>> (prepping 2 talks for FOSS4G and helping to run FOSS4GUK have taken 
>>> a chunk of my free time).
>>> We talked in the past about having a F2F while many of us are in 
>>> Bonn for FOSS4G. In particular I think it would be very helpful to 
>>> talk through some of the long standing topics around FOSS4G events 
>>> before we get into the CfP for 2018, there are some topics where we 
>>> need guidance from the board (e.g financial expectations, 
>>> relationships with 3rd parties, guarantees). The meeting is open to 
>>> anyone who is active on the Conference list, board members and 
>>> anyone else with an interest in the plans for FOSS4G 2018 (i.e. it’s 
>>> an open meeting)
>>> I have drafted a provisional agenda at 
>>> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Conference_Committee_F2F_2016 add to it, 
>>> edit it or comment on sections (particularly if you won’t be able to 
>>> make it to Bonn) - please attribute your comments so that it is easy 
>>> to see who said what.
>>> I have set up a doodle poll to try and find a time that works for 
>>> the most people http://doodle.com/poll/es6s24345uddy2e6
>>> Once we have a time slot I will ask Till if he can provide us with a 
>>> room to meet
>>> Looking forward to seeing you in Bonn
>>> May the FOSS be with you :)
>>> ______
>>> Steven
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